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vol. 67
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Tomasz Drewa
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.5173/ceju.2014.02.art1

Metastatic penile carcinoma – an update on the current diagnosis and treatment options

Dimitri Barski, Evangelos Georgas, Holger Gerullis, Thorsten Ecke
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.5173/ceju.2014.02.art2

Modern diagnostic and treatment regimens are needed to achieve the best cancer and quality of life control

Roman Sosnowski, Wojciech Michalski, Marta Kulpa
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.5173/ceju.2014.02.art3

Significance of atypical small acinar proliferation and extensive high-grade prostatic interaepithelial neoplasm in clinical practice

Przemysław Adamczyk, Zbigniew Wolski, Romuald Butkiewicz, Joanna Nussbeutel, Tomasz Drewa
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.5173/ceju.2014.02.art4

Usage of invisible near infrared light (NIR) fluorescence with indocyanine green (ICG) and methylene blue (MB) in urological oncology. Part 1

Wojciech Polom, Marcin Markuszewski, Young Soo Rho, Marcin Matuszewski
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.5173/ceju.2014.02.art5

Pfannenstiel incision for radical retropubic prostatectomy as a surgical and cosmetic alternative to the midline or laparoscopic approach: A single center study

Andreas Lunacek, Christian Radmayr, Wolfgang Horninger, Eugen Plas
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.5173/ceju.2014.02.art6

Adrenergic crisis due to pheochromocytoma – practical aspects. A short review

Kajetan Juszczak, Tomasz Drewa
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.5173/ceju.2014.02.art7

Management and follow up of extraadrenal phaeochromocytoma

Dimitri Barski
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.5173/ceju.2014.02.art8

Diagnosis of extraadrenal phaeochromocytoma after nephrectomy

Dimitri Barski, Samer Ezziddin, Sebastian Heikaus, Hartmut P.H. Neumann
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.5173/ceju.2014.02.art9

Tadalafil in the management of lower urinary tract symptoms: a review of the literature and current practices in Russia

Alexander Govorov, George Kasyan, Diana Priymak, Dmitry Pushkar, Sebastian Sorsabu
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.5173/ceju.2014.02.art10

Lower urinary tract symptoms and their severity in men subjected to prostate biopsy

Jakub Dobruch, Elza Modzelewska, Janusz Tyloch, Bartosz Misterek, Ewa Czapkowicz, Ewa Bres–Niewada, Andrzej Borówka
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.5173/ceju.2014.02.art11

Secondary infertility and the aging male, overview

Atif Abdulhamid Katib, Khalid Al–Hawsawi, Wael Motair, Abdallah Makhloof Bawa
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.5173/ceju.2014.02.art13

Conservative management of accidental gall bladder puncture during percutaneous nephrolithotomy

Nikhil A. Patil, Vinay S. Kundargi, Siddangouda B. Patil, Ashok N. Biradar, Anup S. Desai

Author's reply
Make the technology count

Nikhil A. Patil, Vinay S. Kundargi, Siddangouda B. Patil, Ashok N. Biradar, Anup S. Desai
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.5173/ceju.2014.02.art17

Emphysematous pyelonephritis in a diabetic patient with obstructed kidney

Piotr Kutwin, Tomasz Konecki, Zbigniew Jabłonowski
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.5173/ceju.2014.02.art18

Infected urachal cyst in a young adult

Natalia Muśko, Jakub Dobruch, Sebastian Piotrowicz, Przemysław Szostek, Andrzej Borówka
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.5173/ceju.2014.02.art19

Use of Martius flap in the complex female urethral surgery

George Kasyan, Nataliya Tupikina, Dmitry Pushkar
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.5173/ceju.2014.02.art20

Renal function recovery after laparosocopic pyeloplasty

Juan Gómez Rivas, Sergio Alonso y Gregorio, María Portilla Eastmond, Angel Tabernero Gómez, Luis Hidalgo Togores, Jesús Díez Sebastián, Jesús Javier de la Peña Barthel

Letter to the Editor

Milos Brodak
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.5173/ceju.2014.02.art23

Letter to the Editor
Sex and psychotropic drugs and relationship blues

Stefan Buntrock
DOI (digital object identifier): 10.5173/ceju.2014.02.art24
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