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Videosurgery and Other Miniinvasive Techniques
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vol. 13
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Adrenal cysts – optimal laparoscopic treatment

Ryszard Pogorzelski, Sadegh Toutounchi, Ewa Krajewska, Urszula Ambroziak, Łukasz Koperski, Tomasz Wołoszko, Krzysztof Celejewski, Małgorzata Maria Szostek, Wawrzyniec Jakuczun, Zbigniew Gałązka

Videosurgery Miniinv 2018; 13 (3): 288–291
Online publish date: 2018/05/21
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Adrenal cysts develop in up to about 0.2% of the overall population. They may account for up to 11% of all pathologies of adrenal glands.

Is laparoscopic resection of adrenal cysts a method for the treatment of these pathologies?

Material and methods
In the years 2010–2017, a total of 27 patients underwent surgery due to adrenal cysts; those included 18 (66.7%) women and 9 (33.3%) men aged 29 to 84 years (mean age: 42.7). Cyst diameter ranged from 55 to 130 mm. After exclusion of hormonal hyperactivity, parasitic cysts, or, to the best possible extent, cancer lesions, patients were qualified for adrenal-sparing laparoscopic surgery.

All patients were subjected to laparoscopic surgery. Cystic wall resection was performed in 15 (55.6%) patients while adrenalectomy was performed in the remaining 12 (44.4%) patients. The decision regarding the extent of the surgery was made intraoperatively. Histopathological assessment revealed pathological adrenal lesions in as few as 3 (11.1%) patients, with the rest of the study population, i.e. 24 (88.9%), presenting with normal adrenal tissue.

Laparoscopic resection of adrenal cysts appears to be recommendable as a method for the treatment of these pathologies. It is simpler than adrenalectomy and associated with low risk of any pathological lesion remaining within the adrenal gland following careful intraoperative assessment by an experienced surgeon.


adrenal cysts, adrenalectomy, laparoscopic adrenalectomy, adrenal cyst resection

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