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Central European Journal of Immunology
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vol. 39

Clinical immunology
CD4+CD25high, CD8+CD28– cells and thyroid autoantibodies in breast cancer patients

Oğuz Bilgi
Bülent Karagöz
Orhan Türken
Mustafa Gültepe
Alpaslan Özgün
Tolga Tunçel
Levent Emirzeoğlu
Serkan Èçelik
Tuba Müftüoğlu
Emin Gökhan Kandemir

(Centr Eur J Immunol 2014; 39 (3): 338-344)
Online publish date: 2014/10/14
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Aim of the study: To investigate the percentage of CD4+CD25high cells (including Treg cells) and CD8+CD28– cells in breast cancer patients with and without high levels of autoimmune thyroid antibodies.

Material and methods: Thirty-five women with breast cancer (9 of them having high thyroid antibodies) and fourteen healthy subjects were enrolled in this study. Flow cytometry was used to count CD4+CD25high cells and CD8+CD28– suppressive cells (CD8 cell subtypes).

Results: In the patient group, the percentage of CD28– cells in CD8+ lymphocytes were higher [67.50% (55.11­80.33) vs. 51.56% (42.57­66.38); p = 0.021] and the percentage of CD28+CD45RO– cells (memory cells) in CD8+ lymphocytes were lower than in the control group. CD4+CD25high cell percentage in CD4+ lymphocytes was elevated in the patient group [6.44% (4.52­8.74) vs. 2.97% (1.72­4.34); p < 0.001]. When the cytometric parameters were compared between patients (with high vs. normal thyroid antibodies), the distribution of CD8+ cell subgroups was also similar. CD4+CD25high cells among CD4+ lymphocytes were decreased in patients with high levels of thyroid antibodies [5.19% (3.42­6.17) vs. 6.99% (4.82­9.95); p = 0.043].

Conclusions: CD4+CD25high cells may play a role in autoimmunity of breast cancer patients, and may be a predictive marker. Advanced studies which evaluate the possible links between regulatory cells and autoimmunity should be established in cancer patients.

breast cancer, Treg cells, autoimmunity, thyroid antibody

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