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Videosurgery and Other Miniinvasive Techniques
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vol. 19
Original paper

Effect and prognosis of endoscopic intracranial hematoma removal and hematoma puncture and drainage in patients with hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage

Yi Xiao
Renping Wang

  1. Department of Neurosurgery, Qixingguan District People’s Hospital, Bijie, Guizhou Province, China
Videosurgery Miniinv 2024; 19 (2): 266–273
Online publish date: 2024/06/17
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Hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage is one of the most serious complications of hypertension. The treatment focuses on reducing bleeding damage and promoting functional recovery.

This study investigated the efficacy and prognosis of endoscopic intracranial hematoma removal (EIHR) and hematoma puncture and drainage (HPD) in treating hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage (HICH).

Material and methods
Ninety-two patients admitted to our hospital for EIHR and HPD between September 30, 2021 and September 30, 2022 were enrolled, including 14 cases of EIHR (endoscopy group) and 78 cases of HPD (puncture group). The efficacy of the two surgery modes in treating HICH patients was compared. Univariate logistic regression (ULR) and multivariate logistic regression (MLR) were employed to analyze the influences of different treatment methods on the prognosis of patients with HICH.

The average hematoma clearance rate (HCR) of all patients was 80.52%, and the patients in the endoscopy group had a higher HCR than those in the puncture group (73.00% vs. 86.00%) (p < 0.001). The good prognosis rate (GPR) shown by the Glasgow Outcome Scale (GOS) score in the endoscopy group was 69.23%, and that in the puncture group was 40.38%, a large but statistically non-significant difference (p > 0.05).

The HCR of EIHR was greatly higher based on that of HPD, but showed no great difference in prognostic effect. The higher the GCS score on admission, the lower the likelihood of poor prognosis.


endoscopy, endoscopic intracranial hematoma removal, hematoma puncture and drainage, hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage, efficacy, prognosis

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