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vol. 17
Research paper

Effect of counseling based on PLISSIT model on sexual function of HIV-positive married women

Leila Asadi
Tayebe Ziaei
Hamid Emadi Koochak
Ali Montazeri
Elham Rezaei
Zahra Behboodi Moghadam
Leila Shahmohammadi

HIV AIDS Rev 2018; 17, 3: 169-175
Online publish date: 2018/09/25
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In recent years, Iran has witnessed a considerable increase in the number of women with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). People living with HIV are the main subject in sexual health behavior, but the focus is more on the risks that are associated with their sexual behavior, and aspects such as their sexual satisfaction, which is one the most important components of quality of life, is often ignored. Disregarding these important aspects may lead to an increase to the prevalence of the disease. This study aimed to investigate the effect of counseling based on PLISSIT model on sexual function of HIV-positive married women.

Material and methods
This clinical trial study was conducted on 60 HIV-positive married women (30 in the intervention group and 30 in the control group) with impaired sexual function. Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) was used to measure a sexual function of these women. All participants in both groups, if did not have a depression (the score less than 14 in Beck Depression Inventory [BDI] questionnaire and score less than 28 in FSFI questionnaire), were considered as women with sexual disorder. The samples were randomly divided into two intervention and the control groups. Sampling was done using table of random numbers. Counseling sessions in the intervention group was based on the steps of PLISSIT models, and the sessions were conducted by the researchers with an interval of one week for 3 hours in average. Sexual function in three stages (before intervention, one month, and three months after the intervention) was measured. The software SPSS version 20 was used for data analysis.

According to the results, score of sexual function before the intervention in both groups did not differ significantly (p > 0.05). At the end of the first month, the sexual function score increased in the intervention group and reduced in the control group, and differences between the two groups compared to baseline in each group were statistically significant (p < 0.05). The increase in the sexual function score in the intervention group and decrease of the sexual function score in the control group led to a statistically significant difference in the measurement at the third month (p < 0.05). Changes in sexual function scores between the first and third months in the intervention group were statistically significant (p < 0.05).

According to the findings of this study, counseling based on PLISSIT model positively affected the sexual function of HIV-positive women. Therefore, this model as a cost-effective and simple counseling method can be used to improve health and quality of life of these women.


counseling, PLISSIT model, sexual function, HIV/AIDS

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