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Videosurgery and Other Miniinvasive Techniques
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Videosurgery and other miniinvasive techniques serves as a forum for exchange of multidisciplinary experiences in fields such as: surgery, gynaecology, urology, gastroenterology, neurosurgery, ENT surgery, cardiac surgery, anaesthesiology and radiology, as well as other branches of medicine dealing with miniinvasive techniques.

Official Journal of the:
Polish Videosurgery Society,
Polish Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Society
chapters of Association of Polish Surgeons,
Section Endourology & ESWL of Polish Urological Association

The journal is originally published in the print version.

Circulation: 2000 copies

“Copyright: © 2017 Fundacja Videochirurgii This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/), allowing third parties to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format and to remix, transform, and build upon the material, provided the original work is properly cited and states its license."

The journal is funded by Polish Videosurgery Society – a chapter of Association of Polish Surgeons.
Jacek Szeliga MD, PhD

Founding editor
Prof. Tadeusz Wróblewski

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Videosurgery and Other Miniinvasive Techniques
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Piotr Gierej

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Małgorzata Misztal

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Richard Ashcroft

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Beata Pasturczak-Lewandowska

Editorial board
Janusz Bartnicki, Germany
Roberto Bergamaschi, USA
Gintautas Brimas, Lithuania
Hans-Peter Bruch, Germany
Piotr Chłosta, Poland
Jean-Louis Dulucq, France
Mathias A. L. Fobi, USA
Gérard Fromont, France
Michel Gagner, USA
Brice Gayet, France
Stanisław Głuszek, Poland
Pavol Holéczy, Czech Republic
Paweł Kamiński, Poland
Wojciech Karcz, Germany
Lubomir Martinek, Czech Republik
Krzysztof Paśnik, Poland
Dariusz Patkowski, Poland
Wiesław Pesta, Poland
Marek Soltes, Slovakia
Wiesław Tarnowski, Poland
Rafał Paluszkiewicz, Poland
Krzysztof Leksowski, Poland
Marek Jackowski, Poland
Andrzej Budzyński, Poland
Maciej Michalik, Poland
Piotr Myśliwiec, Poland
Tadeusz Wróblewski , past Editor-in-Chief
Edward Stanowski, past Editor-in-Chief


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Antoniewicz Artur (Poland)
Bakoń Leopld (Poland)
Baranowski Włodzimierz (Poland)
Borówka Andrzej (Poland)
Brimas Gintautas
Budzyński Andrzej (Poland)
Budziński Roman (Poland)
Bobowicz Maciej (Poland)
Chłosta Piotr (Poland)
Cisowski Marek (Poland)
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Gotlib Tomasz (Poland)
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Held-Ziółkowska (Poland)
Holéczy Pavol
Jackowski Marek (Poland)
Jakiel Grzegorz (Poland)
Jakimowicz Tomasz (Poland)
Jakuczun Wawrzyniec (Poland)
Jamry Andrzej (Poland)
Jaworski Maciej (Poland)
Kalinowski Piotr (Poland)
Kamiński Paweł (Poland)
Kawecki Marek (Poland)
Klimaszewski Jan (Poland)
Kmera-Muszyńska Maria (Poland)
Kołodziejczak Małgorzata (Poland)
Kołomecki Krzysztof (Poland)
Kosieradzki Maciej (Poland)
Kozieł Sławomir (Poland)
Krenke Rafał (Poland)
Lechowicz Robert (Poland)
Leksowski Krzysztof (Poland)
Maksymowicz Wojciech (Poland)
Malinger Stanisław (Poland)
Malinowski Andrzej (Poland)
Maruszyński Marek (Poland)
Matyja Andrzej (Poland)
Michalik Maciej (Poland)
Michoński Jakub (Poland)
Miklaszewski Jan (Poland)
Misiak Andrzej (Poland)
Mitura Kryspin (Poland)
Morawski Krzysztof (Poland)
Myśliwiec Piotr (Poland)
Niemczyk Kazimierz (Poland)
Niewiński Grzegorz (Poland)
Ostrowski Tomasz (Poland)
Otto Maciej (Poland)
Paluszkiewicz Rafał (Poland)
Paśnik Krzysztof (Poland)
Patkowski Dariusz (Poland)
Pesta Wiesław (Poland)
Piwkowski Cezary (Poland)
Reguła Jarosław (Poland)
Richter Piotr (Poland)
Rosłan Marek (Poland)
Rutkowski Piotr (Poland)
Silny Waldemar (Poland)
Skopiński Piotr (Poland)
Skórski Maciej (Poland)
Soltes Marek
Stanowski Edward (Poland)
Stefaniak Tomasz (Poland)
Szczepkowski Marek (Poland)
Szeliga Jacek (Poland)
Szczepanik Andrzej (Poland)
Szczęsny Grzegorz (Poland)
Szewczyk Tomasz (Poland)
Szostek Małgorzata (Poland)
Szydełko Tomasz (Poland)
Szyfter Witold (Poland)
Śmietański Maciej (Poland)
Tarnowski Wiesław (Poland)
Trojanowski Piotr (Poland)
Wilimski Radosław (Poland)
Wojtaszek Mikołaj (Poland)
Wojtowicz Andrzej (Poland)
Wronecki Krzysztof (Poland)
Wróblewska Bogna (Poland)
Wróblewski Grzegorz (Poland)
Wróblewski Tadeusz (Poland)
Wyleżoł Mariusz (Poland)
Zawadzki Marek (Poland)
Zieliński Marcin (Poland)
Zieliński Henryk (Poland)
Zinkiewicz Krzysztof (Poland)
The journal is funded by Polish Videosurgery Society - a chapter of Association of Polish Surgeons
eISSN: 2299-0054
ISSN: 1895-4588
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