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Official journal of the National Institute of Geriatrics, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation and The Polish Society for Rheumatology

vol. 47


Once again about undergraduate training in rheumatology

Irena Zimmermann-Górska
Reumatologia 2009; 47 1: 1-3
Online publish date: 2009-04-01
Original paper

Assessment of the quality of life of patients with rheumatoid arthritis by means of questionnaire research

Kamila Kowalczyk, Piotr Głuszko
Reumatologia 2009; 47, 1: 4-9
Online publish date: 2009-04-01
Original paper

Tumour necrosis factor, tumour necrosis factor receptor I and II and acute phase response markers in ankylosing spondylitis patients

Izabela Korczowska-Łącka, Hanna Przepiera-Będzak, Marek Brzosko, Jan.K Łącki, Paweł Hrycaj
Reumatologia 2009; 47, 1: 10-14
Online publish date: 2009-03-31
Original paper

zwyrodnieniowej stawów Usefulness of measurement of serum COMP and C2C level in end-stage osteoarthritis

Kinga Lis
Reumatologia 2009; 47, 1: 15-19
Online publish date: 2009-03-31
Review paper

60th anniversary of discovery of the LE cell

Irena Zimmermann-Górska
Reumatologia 2009; 47, 1: 20-23
Online publish date: 2009-04-01
Review paper

Interleukin 6 – biological activities and role in rheumatoid arthritis pathogenesis

Ewa Kontny, Włodzimierz Maśliński
Reumatologia 2009; 47, 1: 24-33
Online publish date: 2009-04-01
Review paper

Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis

Olga Borys, Maria Majdan, Ewa Wielosz, Iwona Żychowska
Reumatologia 2009; 47, 1: 34-38
Online publish date: 2009-04-01
Case report

Primary erythromelalgia in a child

Dorota Turowska-Heydel, Zbigniew Żuber, Małgorzata Sobczyk
Reumatologia 2009; 47, 1: 44-47
Online publish date: 2009-04-01
Letter to the Editor

An usually disseminated advanced cancer presenting only as mild rheumatological symptoms

Reumatologia 2009; 47, 1: 48
Online publish date: 2009-04-01
Short communication

Pożegnanie dr n. med. Krystyny Tempskiej-Cyrankiewicz

Reumatologia 2009; 47, 1: 50
Online publish date: 2009-04-01

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