32nd European Academy Of Childhood Disability Annual Meeting 2020
The annual meetings of the Academy attract the participation of eminent experts and specialists working towards improving the quality of life and reducing the effects of childhood disability.

The main goals of the conference are to present the latest knowledge, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic trends, and to create a forum for meetings and interdisciplinary discussions between specialists in the field of childhood disabilities including physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, pedagogues, and speech therapists. The problems to be addressed during the conference are centred around the difficult process of growing up and crossing the border into adulthood together with the disability persisting since childhood. The discussion will involve all the key elements supporting the process of age transition and facilitating the therapeutic management.

The conference in Poznan includes four main thematic modules including musculoskeletal disorders, comorbidities, technological support of the rehabilitation process, and neuroplasticity.
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