POZNAN, POLAND, 06.12.2018 - 08.12.2018
Note: the fee amount depends on the payment date and not the registration date.

• EUR 150 before 30 October 2018
• EUR 200 after 31 October 2018 and during the conference
• EUR 110 fee for residents
• EUR 20 fee for students

• EUR 30 fee for social event
Not financed by innovative companies associated in INFARMA

Prices include VAT

There is a possibility to pay in EUR not using registration panel but directly into the account
BZ WBK 21 1090 1359 0000 0001 0601 0708


Termedicus Club members will receive up to 40 per cent discount on their participation fee.

On-the-spot payers are not guaranteed a full Conference pack.

The Conference pack comprises:
– Participation in individual sessions
– Detailed programe
– Certificate of participation.

In order to participate in the Conference you need to:
– register;
– make the required payment to Termerdia’s account; and
– accept the terms of participation.

Download our Terms of Attendace

Registration is available via an on-line panel - please go to the "Registr on-line" tab or click the button below

Register on-line

Please make your payment to:
Termedia sp. z o.o.
ul. Kleeberga 8
61-615 Poznań
30 1090 1359 0000 0001 0559 9169
(you need to add the following description: EFO18 + participant’s name and surname)

Please identify the end customer (service recipient) to whom an invoice will be issued.
As per our policy, adjusting invoices are a limited option. Invoice particulars should be complete and final.

The final deadline for bank transfer payments is 22th November 2018.
Afterwards payments can be made at the Conference office.

You may only cancel your participation in the Conference in writing (by mail, fax, or e-mail) until 15th November 2018. There will be no refunds after that date.

Organiser's office:
Termedia sp. z o.o.
ul. Kleeberga 2
61-615 Poznań
Phone/fax: + 48 61 656 22 00
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