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vol. 15
Basic research

Long non-coding RNA FOXF1 adjacent non-coding developmental regulatory RNA inhibits growth and chemotherapy resistance in non-small cell lung cancer

Ran Xu
Yun Han

Arch Med Sci 2019; 15 (6): 1539–1546
Online publish date: 2019/07/18
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Lung cancer is one of the most common malignant neoplasms around the globe. Its most common type is non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The FOXF1 adjacent non-coding developmental regulatory RNA (FENDRR) gene is an lncRNA which has been reported to show low expression and a tumor suppressor role in NSCLC.

Material and methods
The expression of FENDRR in NSCLC patients’ tissues and cell line was detected by quantitative real-time PCR. MTT assay was used to detect cell proliferation and chemotherapy resistance. Cell apoptosis was measured by flow cytometry.

The expression of FENDRR was low in NSCLC tissues and cells in contrast to control tissues and cells, and low FENDRR expression correlated with high TNM stages and poor differentiation of NSCLC, and could be a promising prognostic factor for NSCLC. FENDRR enhancement could inhibit the proliferation ability and advance cell apoptosis of A549 cells. The expression of FENDRR in NSCLC tissues and cells insensitive to cisplatin was much lower than that in NSCLC tissues and cells sensitive to cisplatin. The chemotherapy resistance to cisplatin of A549/DDP cells was depressed by FENDRR enhancement, and IC50 for cisplatin presented a conspicuous depression. FENDRR up-regulation inhibited cell viability of A549/DDP cells under treatment with 5 µg/ml DDP. TCGA Pan-Cancer (PANCAN) showed that the expression of FENDRR was negatively correlated with the expression of ABCC10 in lung cancer, and our western blot found that FENDRR up-regulation inhibited the expression of ABCC10 in A549/DDP cells.

LncRNA FENDRR has low expression in NSCLC and functions as a potential tumor-suppressing gene to inhibit growth and chemotherapy resistance of NSCLC cells.


long non-coding RNA, FENDRR, non-small cell lung cancer, chemotherapy resistance, cisplatin

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