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Measurement of blood calprotectin (MRP-8/MRP-14) levels in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Jaryna Bojko

Data publikacji online: 2017/03/22
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Objectives: The aim of the investigation was to compare blood calprotectin (MRP8/14, S100A 8/9) levels in patients with systemic-onset, polyarticular, RF-negative and oligoarticular subtypes of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), and to explore links between blood calprotectin levels and clinical and laboratory markers of JIA activity.

Material and methods: Measurement of calprotectin in blood serum was performed in 160 patients with JIA followed up at Lviv Regional Council Public Institution “Western-Ukrainian Specialised Children’s Medical Centre”. Seventeen patients with systemic-onset JIA (sJIA) and 49 patients with other JIA subtypes (RF-negative polyarthritis and oligoarthritis) in the active phase of the disease were included in this study. Determination of calprotectin levels in blood serum was performed using EK-MRP8/14 Buhlmann Calprotectin reagents (Buhlmann, Switzerland) by the ELISA method.

Results: The results of the investigations showed that blood calprotectin levels were higher in patients with systemic-onset subtype of the disease (median 13,800 ng/ml), and differed significantly from levels in healthy children (median 1,800 ng/ml, p = 0.00002), levels in patients with articular subtypes of JIA (median 2,700 ng/ml, p = 0.000008), and patients with RF-negative polyarthritis (median 3,800 ng/ml, p = 0.003226) and oligoarthritis (median 2,500 ng/ml, p = 0.000009). The highest blood calprotectin levels were found in patients with newly diagnosed sJIA, the median being 32,500 ng/ml (range: 13,800–177,000 ng/ml). Direct correlations were found between blood calprotectin and JADAS 27 activity score (p = 0.000009), ESR (p = 0.000079) and CRP (p = 0.000058).

Conclusions: Blood calprotectin level is one of the measures that can be used to confirm the diagnosis of sJIA and to monitor the disease activity and therapy effectiveness.

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