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Mucins, trefoil factors and pancreatic duodenal homeobox 1 expression in spasmolytic polypeptide expressing metaplasia and intestinal metaplasia adjacent to gastric carcinomas

Nuray Can
Fulya Oz Puyan
Semsi Altaner
Filiz Ozyilmaz
Burcu Tokuc
Zeynep Pehlivanoglu
Kemal Ali Kutlu

Arch Med Sci
Online publish date: 2013/08/12
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Introduction: Gastric cancers are the second cause of cancer related deaths all around the world but gastric carcinogenesis remains a mystery. Intestinal metaplasia (IM) and spasmolytic polypeptide expressing metaplasia (SPEM) are the two types of preneoplastic metaplasias. In this study, we aimed to investigate expression of Pancreatic duodenal homeobox 1 (PDX1), mucins (MUCs), trefoil factors (TFFs) in SPEM and IM surrounding gastric carcinomas.

Material and methods: Tissue samples of tumor adjacent gastric mucosa including IM (n = 61) and SPEM (n = 36) from 70 gastrectomy specimens were used for immunohistochemical analysis of PDX1, mucins (MUC5AC, MUC6) and trefoil factors (TFF2, TFF3).

Results: Nuclear expression of PDX1 was present in both SPEM (32/36) and IM (60/61) and there was no significant difference in expression of PDX1 between the two types of metaplasias. While TFF3 and MUC5AC were abundant in IM, SPEM showed 100% expression of TFF2 and MUC6 and also lower positivity with TFF3 and MUC5AC. PDX1 positivity was related to expression of MUC5AC (60/61, p < 0.001) and TFF3 (60/61, p < 0.001) in IM and also associated with expression of MUC5AC (14/32, p < 0.05), MUC6 (32/32, p < 0.001), TFF2 (32/32, p < 0.001) and TFF3 (9/32, p < 0.05) in SPEM. Coexpression of TFF3 and TFF2 was present in 10 of 36 (27.7%) samples of SPEM and also 29 of 61 (47.5%) samples of IM exhibited dual expression of trefoil peptides.

Conclusions: PDX1 may affect the development of SPEM and IM. Expression patterns of TFFs and MUCs may indicate that IM evolves from SPEM.

spasmolytic polypeptide expressing metaplasia, intestinal metaplasia, trefoil factors, pancreatic duodenal homeobox 1, mucins

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