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vol. 23
Original paper

Prevalence, pattern, and risk factors of musculoskeletal injuries among wheelchair athletes in Lagos, Nigeria

Oluseun Akinleye Fapojuwo
Rotimi Olanrewaju Kareem
Oluwatosin Helen Bejide

Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Clinical Sciences, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
Hum Mov. 2022;23(4):156-164
Online publish date: 2022/03/10
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Participation in elite sporting competition for athletes with a disability has seen significant growth in recent years. There are relatively few studies on sports-related injuries in this population of athletes. Thus, detailed understanding of musculoskeletal injury in this complex area of sport remains poor. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence, pattern, and perceived risk factors of musculoskeletal injuries among wheelchair athletes in Lagos State, South West, Nigeria.

The study was a cross-sectional survey involving 63 wheelchair athletes, recruited from various stadia in Lagos State. Data on musculoskeletal injuries were collated by using an adapted questionnaire. Frequency and percentages were applied to summarize data. The chi-squared test served to find associations between variables.

The career, 12-month, and point prevalence of musculoskeletal injuries among the wheelchair athletes were 93.7%, 61.9%, and 3.2%, respectively. The shoulder (66.7%) and forearm (31.7%) were the most common sites of injury. The most frequent perceived risk factors of musculoskeletal injury were fatigue (30.2%) and contact with other athletes (28.6%). No significant connections were found between the injured body parts and the 12-month injury prevalence in the wheelchair athletes (p ≥ 0.05).

There is a high prevalence of musculoskeletal injuries among wheelchair athletes. The upper extremities are the major site of injury owing to their continuous use to propel wheelchairs during sports activities and activities of daily living, which makes them vulnerable to injury.


Paralympic, epidemiology, developing countries, disability, sports injuries and wounds

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