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Videosurgery and Other Miniinvasive Techniques
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vol. 18
General surgery
Original paper

Relationship between postoperative biliary stricture and clinical characteristics of patients with benign and malignant biliary diseases

Kun Li
Yue Ding
Nanbin Liu
Ran Qi
Yufeng Wang
Jiangxi Liu
Baomin Shi

Department of General Surgery, Tongji Hospital of Tongji University Medicine School, China
National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Biodiagnosis and Biotherapy, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University Medicine School, China
Videosurgery Miniinv 2023; 18 (1): 117–127
Online publish date: 2022/11/24
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Postoperative biliary stricture (POBS) is one of the common complications of biliary surgery. Previous literature on risk factors of POBS was scarce, and the classification of POBS in benign and malignant biliary diseases was incomplete.

To analyze clinicopathological factors of POBS in usual biliary diseases, and to facilitate preoperative diagnosis of biliary stricture.

Material and methods
A retrospective analysis was made on the clinical data of 2228 patients who underwent biliary surgery in our hospital from July 2010 to June 2022. With the inclusion and exclusion criteria, the clinicopathological factors for POBS were classified, and data analysis was conducted.

Benign diseases with age ≥ 60 years (p = 0.034), diabetes (p = 0.001), common bile duct diameter < 0.8 cm (p = 0.034), Mirizzi syndrome (p = 0.001), seniority of surgeons < 25 years (p = 0.001), and operation time for the first 6 years (p = 0.015) are more likely to evolve into POBS; malignant diseases with conjugated bilirubin ≥ 6.8 µmol/l (p = 0.042), alkaline phosphatase ≥ 125 U/l (p = 0.042), γ-glutamyl transferase ≥ 50 U/l (p = 0.047), diabetes (p = 0.038), and seniority of surgeons < 25 years (p = 0.008) are prone to POBS. Different surgical approaches affect the incidence of POBS (χ2 = 9.717, p = 0.034). The choice of surgical site is important for the incidence of POBS in malignant diseases (χ2 = 7.935, p = 0.041).

Surgeons need to identify risk factors, conduct patient visits and assessments preoperatively, standardize the operation in order to avoid structural damage, and reduce the occurrence of POBS.


risk factors, postoperative biliary stricture, choledochoscope, clinical characters

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