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Videosurgery and Other Miniinvasive Techniques
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vol. 14
Thoracic surgery
Original paper

Rib resection using a Gigli saw under thoracoscopic guidance

Ilhan Ocakcioglu, Fuat Sayir

Videosurgery Miniinv 2019; 14 (1): 126–132
Online publish date: 2018/07/24
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Despite the advantages and expanded indications of video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery, the open surgical approach is commonly preferred for the surgical treatment of rib lesions. Such an approach could lead to disadvantageous results such as increased postoperative pain and prolonged hospital stay. Despite all these handicaps, thoracoscopic resection of isolated rib resection has been reported in a small number of publications.

To compare the clinical outcomes of patients with isolated benign rib pathologies treated with either minimally invasive or open surgery.

Material and methods
The medical records of 22 patients undergoing surgery for isolated benign rib pathologies between 2013 and 2017 were reviewed. Variables statistically compared between the two groups were age, gender, symptoms, lesion size, duration of the surgery, amount of intraoperative bleeding, conversion to open surgery, volume and duration of the drainage, postoperative complications, length of hospital stay, pathological diagnosis, follow-up period, recurrence, duration of narcotic analgesic usage and pain according to visual analog scale evaluation.

The thoracoscopic approach was superior to conventional surgery in terms of drainage volume, time to drain removal, morbidity, hospital stay, narcotic analgesic treatment duration and postoperative pain scores. All thoracoscopic procedures were concluded successfully, and conversion to open surgery was not required. During the mean 14-month follow-up period, no recurrence was encountered in either group.

This technique is a safe option for isolated benign lesions of the ribs. It is more effective in patient recovery in the postoperative period and in the management of surgical pain.


resection, thoracoscopy, rib, Gigli saw

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