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Videosurgery and Other Miniinvasive Techniques
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vol. 11
Original paper

Short-term outcomes of the new intragastric balloon End-Ball® for treatment of obesity

Marek Buzga
Tomas Kupka
Milan Siroky
Habib Narwan
Evzen Machytka
Pavol Holeczy
Zdeněk Švagera

Videosurgery Miniinv 2016; 11 (4): 229–235
Online publish date: 2016/11/29
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Introduction: Intragastric balloons (IGBs) have been successfully used to treat obesity for the last 18 years. These balloons are made of different materials and filled with either air or saline. It seems that balloons filled with saline result in more effective weight loss, but are associated with worse tolerance after implantation. In contrast, balloons filled with air are associated with excellent tolerance, but result in less effective weight loss.

Aim: To report the early safety and effectiveness results of the End-Ball® balloon and to encourage discussions on how to best use this new-generation IGB for endoscopic weight loss management.

Material and methods: Twenty obese patients (mean age: 40.5 years; mean body mass index: 34.8 kg/m2) were included in a 6-month study. Balloons were inflated with 300 ml of saline containing 5 ml of methylene blue and 300 cm3 of air.

Results: No serious adverse events occurred during treatment. Patients experienced varying degrees of nausea, vomiting (mean: 3.7 times the first day), and abdominal pain after implantation. Six months (23–29 weeks) after End-Ball® balloon insertion, we observed a significant decrease in body weight (13.9 ±5.1 kg) and percent excess weight loss (37.9 ±12.9%). We also found a significant decrease in the levels of glycated hemoglobin (p < 0.001), C-peptide (p < 0.002), and triacylglycerols (p < 0.001) and an increase in the concentration of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (p < 0.025).

Conclusions: The End-Ball® IGB is a safe and effective treatment for morbid obesity, with positive effects on weight loss and saccharide metabolism.

intragastric balloon, obesity, weight loss, safety, End-Ball®

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