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vol. 14
Clinical research

The role of demographic and clinical variables in assessing the quality of life of outpatients with rheumatoid arthritis

Grażyna Bączyk, Katarzyna Kozłowska

Arch Med Sci 2018; 14, 5: 1070–1079
Online publish date: 2018/07/20
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Introduction: The aim of this study was to assess quality of life among patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) treated as outpatients. The specific question was: does the quality of life of RA patients depend on demographic variables and clinical variables?

Material and methods
The study included 240 patients with RA recruited from outpatients. To assess quality of life, the Polish version of the Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales 2 (AIMS2) was applied. Clinical tests: Visual Analogue Scale, Morning Stiffness, Grip Strength, Richie Articular Index

Results: The analysis of life quality for the total group was carried out in the particular AIMS2 of the mean scores for joint pain – 7.37; walking and bending – 6.62; social activity – 5.52; level of tension – 5.17; satisfaction – 5.17; hand and finger function – 4.28; mood – 4.03; physical activity – 3.27; arm function – 3.16; household tasks – 2.67; self-care – 2.18; and support from family and friends – 1.75. The arthritis impact score was 6.01. The analysis of the correlation between clinical variables and individual AIMS2 subscales showed a statistically significant relationship between the VAS Pain, Grip Strength Measurement, Morning Stiffness and quality of life subscales. The strongest correlation was found between Grip Strength Measurement and arthritis pain, work, hand and finger function. Moreover, a strong correlation for satisfaction was found.

The study results may be helpful for further health-related studies on quality of life among RA studies and in making therapeutic decisions concerning quality of life improvement.


quality of life, RA patients, outpatients, Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales 2

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