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Medici Cantantes Choir

The Medici Cantantes Choir of the Wrocław Medical University traces its roots back to October 2000 when it was established by Agnieszka Franków-Żelazny, then a student at the Music Academy, now a professor and graduate of both the Vocal Faculty and the Faculty of Music Education. In January 2015, Magdalena Wojtas, a graduate of the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław, took the helm as the choir's conductor, bringing her expertise from the Faculty of Choral Conducting, Music Education and Church Music and the Vocal Faculty, as well as a graduate of the Silesian Piasts Medical University of Wrocław.

From its inception, the choir has been affectionately known as the "singing medics," inspiring its official name, Medici Cantantes. Over the years, the ensemble has proudly represented the Silesian Piasts Medical University of Wrocław, both nationally and internationally. Their participation in international choral competitions has not only garnered numerous prestigious awards but has also taken them to captivating destinations across Europe, such as Slovakia, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, Portugal and Croatia.

With six recorded albums to their credit, the choir's exceptional artistic standards, combined with a warm camaraderie among its members and an engaging repertoire, instill a deep sense of pride. Even after graduation, many members choose to remain with the group, drawn by the enriching experiences it offers.

It's challenging to capture in words the essence of the choir's impact on the lives of its members, who gather several times a week to create something truly remarkable together. Within this community, friendships blossom, and sometimes even love finds its way. For some, it's an escape from the routine of daily life, while for others, it enhances life's beauty. Through dedicated rehearsal and shared moments on stage, choir members find strength and fulfillment, fueling their passion for music and camaraderie alike.