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vol. 68
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A comparative study of expression of Fc receptors in relation to the autoantibody-mediated immune response and neutrophil elastase expression in autoimmune blistering dermatoses

Justyna Gornowicz-Porowska, Agnieszka Seraszek-Jaros, Monika Bowszyc-Dmochowska, Elżbieta Kaczmarek, Paweł Pietkiewicz, Paweł Bartkiewicz, Marian Dmochowski

Pol J Pathol 2017; 68 (2): 109-116
Online publish date: 2017/09/01
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Here we investigated the cutaneous CD32A and CD89 expression in relation to the neutrophil elastase (NE) expression and serum level of anti-desmoglein 1 and 3 (DSG1/DSG3) IgG in pemphigus, anti-BP180/BP230 IgG in bullous pemphigoid (BP), anti-gliadin nonapeptides (npG), tissue (tTG), and epidermal transglutaminases (eTG) IgA in dermatitis herpetiformis (DH).

The examined material consisted of skin/mucosal tissues and sera. In total, 87 patients were studied. Immunohistochemistry on paraffin-embedded sections with quantitative digital morphometry was used to measure the intensity of CD32A/CD89/NE expressions. Levels of anti-DSG1/DSG3 IgG, anti-BP180/BP230 IgG, and anti-npG/tTG/eTG IgA were evaluated with ELISAs.

CD32A was abundantly expressed in cutaneous lesions in pemphigus and BP. We found no statistically significant correlation between the CD32A/CD89 and NE expression intensities in pemphigus, BP, and DH. There was a significant correlation between CD89 expression and anti-npG IgA in DH. Our results revealed a lack of correlation between CD32A expressions and anti-DSG1/DSG3 IgG levels in pemphigus, anti-BP180/BP230 IgG in BP as well as CD89 expression and anti-tTG/eTG IgA in DH.

CD89 seems to be linked with gluten intolerance in DH rather than with proteolytic destruction of dermal-epidermal junction. CD32A appears to play an important role in mediating skin injury in pemphigus and BP, but probably independently from specific autoantibodies.

receptors, Fc, skin diseases, vesiculobullous

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