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Biology of Sport
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Postactivation potentiation effect of two lower body resistance exercises on repeated jump performance measures

Daniel Gahreman, Mehdi A. Moghadam, Ehsan Hoseininejad, Vahid V. Dehnou, Jonathan D. Connor, Kenji Doma, Michael Stone
Biol Sport. 2020;37(2):105-112
Online publish date: 2020-02-11

Effects on performance of active and passive hypoxia as a re-warm-up routine before a 100-metre swimming time trial: a randomized crossover study

Domingo Jesús Ramos-Campo, Nuno Batalha, Guillermo Olcina, Jose Parraca, João Paulo Sousa, Pablo Tomas-Carus
Biol Sport. 2020;37(2):113-119
Online publish date: 2020-02-11

Effects of strength training under hypoxic conditions on muscle performance, body composition and haematological variables

Ismael Martínez Guardado, Braulio Sánchez Ureña, Alba Camacho Cardenosa, Marta Camacho Cardenosa, Guillermo Olcina Camacho, Rafael Timón Andrada
Biol Sport. 2020;37(2):121-129
Online publish date: 2020-02-11

Physical and physiological demands of basketball small-sided games: the influence of defensive and time pressures

Sarah G. T. Bredt, Juliana O. Torres, Laura B. F. Diniz, Gibson M. Praça, André G. P. Andrade, Juan C. P. Morales, Tomaz L. N. Rosso, Mauro H. Chagas
Biol Sport. 2020;37(2):131-138
Online publish date: 2020-02-11

The evolution of physical and technical performance parameters in the Chinese Soccer Super League

Changjing Zhou, Miguel-Ángel Gómez, Alberto Lorenzo
Biol Sport. 2020;37(2):139-145
Online publish date: 2020-02-11

Match performance in a reference futsal team during an international tournament – implications for talent development in soccer

Christopher Yiannaki, David J Barron, Dave Collins, Christopher Carling
Biol Sport. 2020;37(2):147-156
Online publish date: 2020-02-11

Acute effects of training load on contractile properties during a competitive microcycle in elite soccer players

Ezequiel Rey, Francisco J. Corredoira, Pablo B. Costa, Alexandra Pérez-Ferreirós, María A. Fernández-Villarino
Biol Sport. 2020:37(2):157-163
Online publish date: 2020-03-30

Leg asymmetry and muscle function recovery after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in elite athletes: a pilot study on slower recovery of the dominant leg

Sabrine Souissi, Anis Chaouachi, Angus Burnett, Olivier Hue, Ezdine Bouhlel, Moktar Chtara, Karim Chamari
Biol Sport. 2020;37(2):175-184
Online publish date: 2020-03-31

Eight months of school-based soccer improves physical fitness and reduces aggression in high-school children

Nebojša Trajković, Dejan M Madić, Zoran Milanović, Draženka Mačak, Johnny Padulo, Peter Krustrup, Karim Chamari
Biol Sport. 2020;37(2):185–193
Online publish date: 2020-03-31

The influence of a badminton competition with two matches in a day on muscle damage and physical performance in elite junior badminton players

Victor Moreno-Perez, Cesar Gallo-Salazar, Juan Del Coso, Iñaki Ruiz-Pérez, Alejandro Lopez-Valenciano, David Barbado, David Cabello-Manrique, Jaime Fernandez-Fernandez
Biol Sport. 2020;37(2):195-201
Online publish date: 2020-04-03
Medical recommendations for home-confined footballers’ training during the COVID-19 pandemic: from evidence to practical application

Medical recommendations for home-confined footballers’ training during the COVID-19 pandemic: from evidence to practical application

Cristiano Eirale, Giannicola Bisciotti, Alessandro Corsini, Christophe Baudot, Gerard Saillant, Hakim Chalabi
Biol Sport. 2020; 37(2):203–207
Online publish date: 2020-04-10
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