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vol. 5

A study of prevalence of anaemia in adolescent girls and reproductive-age women in Kuala Lumpur

Mei Ciu Chang
Bee Koon Poh
Janice June
Norsakira Jefrydin
Srijit Das

Arch Med Sci 2009; 5, 1: 63-68
Online publish date: 2009/04/22
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Introduction: Anaemia is a common disorder of the haemopoietic system commonly found in the developing countries. The present study was undertaken to highlight the prevalence of anaemia in healthy adolescent girls and a reproductive-age group of adult women residing in an urban area.
Material and methods: A total of 441 individuals comprising healthy, non-pregnant, non-lactating, reproductive-age women (aged 13 to 50 years) participated in the study. Informed consent was taken and the individuals were screened for haemoglobin level. Anthropometric measurements including body weight and height were recorded. All statistical data were analyzed using the program Statistical Package for Social Sciences.
Results: Mean body weight of adolescent girls (52.5 ±11.0 kg) was significantly lower (p < 0.05) than adult women (57.7 ±13.4 kg). Based on the body mass index (BMI) classification of the World Health Organization, the majority of adolescents (77.4%) and adults (50.7%) were classified as normal. Only a small proportion of adolescents (2.2%) and adults (16.1%) were classified as underweight. Mean value for haemoglobin of adolescents (12.6 ±0.9 g/dl) was significantly higher (p < 0.001) than adults (12.1 ±1.3 g/dl). Prevalence of anaemia amongst adults (41.7%) was higher than adolescents (28.3%). Nutrient intake of anaemic adolescents was lower than non-anaemic adolescents.
Conclusions: The results highlight the prevalence of anaemia in adolescent girls and reproductive-age women which may be helpful in combating this common disorder in the urban population.

anaemia, reproductive-age, adolescent, health

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