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Acute management of ACS
Use of oral antiplatelet agents in acute coronary syndromes

Dharam J. Kumbhani
Deepak L. Bhatt

Arch Med Sci 2010; 6, 1A: S 48–S 54
Online publish date: 2010/01/26
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Platelets play a central role in the pathophysiology of acute coronary syndromes. Based on a large body of evidence from clinical trials, antiplatelet agents have become the mainstay in the management of these patients. This review details oral antiplatelet agents currently in use in acute coronary syndromes, their mechanisms of action, as well as current recommendations regarding their use. Antiplatelet drug resistance, an increasingly recognized problem, is also discussed. Finally, novel antiplatelet agents that have shown promising results in initial studies are also briefly discussed.

acute coronary syndromes, antiplatelet therapy, drugs, aspirin, thrombosis

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