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Advances in Dermatology and Allergology/Postępy Dermatologii i Alergologii
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vol. 41
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Clinical efficacy of ultrasound-guided chondroitin polysulfate from bovine trachea combined with fractional CO2 laser in the treatment of scar after burn repair

Jianjun Zhou
Xiaojun Huang
Meijie Chen
Xiaofang Chen
Jiong Chen

  1. Department of Burns and Skin Repair Surgery, Ruian People’s Hospital, Ruian, Zhejiang, China
Adv Dermatol Allergol 2024; XLI (3): 314-327
Online publish date: 2024/06/30
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One common and very upsetting side effect of burn injuries is scarring, which presents serious difficulties for patients and medical professionals alike.

To assess a new therapeutic approach for treating scars following burn repair procedures in terms of its clinical efficacy.

Material and methods:
This method administers Hirudoid under ultrasound guidance in addition to fractional CO2 laser treatment. An extensive analysis of the effects of this combination treatment on functional results, patient satisfaction, and scar appearance is being conducted as part of this research. Fractional CO2 laser treatment is utilized for its capacity to stimulate collagen remodelling and decrease scar hypertrophy, while Hirudoid, a topical medicine containing heparinoid, is used to minimize inflammation and enhance tissue healing. Enrolling patients who have had burn repair surgery is the goal of a quasi-experimental study. Conventional scar care methods are performed on the control group, whereas the experimental group is treated with fractional CO2 laser therapy after applying Hirudoid under ultrasound guidance. Throughout the research period, clinical evaluations are carried out on a regular basis. These evaluations cover scar features, pain thresholds, and patient-reported results.

The first findings show that the experimental group significantly outperformed the control group in terms of overall look, pigmentation, and scar texture. Functional examinations point to possible improvements in terms of scar flexibility and the range of motion, while patient-reported outcomes show improved satisfaction with the combination therapy. In order to guarantee the combination therapy’s viability and tolerance in a clinical context, its side effects and safety profiles are also extensively assessed. In order to improve scar management following burn healing, the study intends to provide important insights into the creation of more patient-friendly and successful therapies.

A potential approach to enhancing the clinical results of burn scar treatment is the study of fractional CO2 laser therapy in conjunction with ultrasound-guided Hirudoid. Enhancing scar management tactics via the combination of sophisticated technology and therapy modalities may eventually improve the quality of life for burn injury victims.


fraction CO2 laser, Hirudoid, scar management

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