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vol. 5

Differential risk factor patterns for a positive treadmill test among subjects with and without ultrasound-based fatty liver

Norberto C. Chavez-Tapia
Felix I. Tellez-Avila
Marisol Valdes-Escarcega
Oliver Perez-Bautista
Javier Lizardi-Cervera
Nahum Méndez-Sanchez
Juan F. Sanchez-Avila
Martha H. Ramos
Misael Uribe

Arch Med Sci 2009; 5, 2: 207-214
Online publish date: 2009/07/23
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Introduction: It is not clear whether the risk factors for CVD in subjects with NAFLD are the same for subjects without NAFLD. We analyze the risk factor patterns for a positive treadmill test in asymptomatic subjects with and without ultrasound-based fatty liver.
Material and methods: This was a cross-sectional study in voluntary subjects from January 2005 to January 2007. Adult subjects with alcohol consumption < 20 γ per day and without liver diseases were included. Anthropometric, biochemical, ultrasound imaging, and exercise treadmill testing data were collected. Use of univariate and multivariate analyses identified the variables that predicted a positive exercise treadmill test.
Results: One thousand four hundred twenty one subjects were included. The prevalence of metabolic syndrome and NAFLD was 37.3 and 30.2%, respectively. No differences were observed in the positive treadmill test (1.3% in non-NAFLD group vs. 2.3% in NAFLD group, p = 0.176). In subjects with NAFLD, systolic blood pressure ł 130 mm Hg was associated with a positive treadmill test (OR = 4.705, 95% CI 1.285-17.231). In subjects without NAFLD, waist circumference (OR = 8.750, 95% CI 1.830-41.843) and metabolic syndrome (OR = 3.802, 95% CI 1.121-12.987) were factors for a positive treadmill test.
Conclusions: Although some evidence demonstrates that subjects with NAFLD had increased risk for CVD, these risk factors are different from those observed in the general population.

cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, liver steatosis, blood pressure

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