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vol. 27

Expression of adhesion molecules and chemiluminescence of peripheral blood neutrophils in children with ulcerative colitis

Anna Kisiel
Krystyna Grzybowska
Krzysztof Zeman
Ewa Fornalczyk-Wachowska
Robert Pietruszyński
Izabela Płaneta-Małecka

Online publish date: 2003/12/19


Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease of unknown etiology. In recent years neutrophils have been thoroughly studied as the cells directly responsible for tissue damages.
The aim of the study was to determine whether in ulcerative colitis neutrophils were activated only in inflammatory focus or perhaps they manifest activation in peripheral blood before leaving circulation.
The study comprised 30 children with ulcerative colitis aged between 8-18 years. In all subjects the chemiluminescence of the resting and the FMLP and PMA activated neutrophils was determined, as well as the CD11b, CD18, CD62L and CD16 receptor expression on the resting neutrophils, and CD11b and CD62L on the FMLP stimulated neutrophils. The study was conducted in severe disease activity before treatment and after 2 months of remission. Sixteen children with constipation cases formed the control group. In all assessed children with ulcerative colitis there were determined higher values of neutrophil chemiluminescence, both resting and stimulated in comparison with controls. The CD11b receptor expression in children with severe and moderate disease activities was significantly higher, especially on the resting neutrophils, and the CD62L expression was significantly lower in comparison with controls. The tests results were normalized during remission.

ulcerative colitis, neutrophils, adhesion molecules, chemiluminescence, reactive oxygen species

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