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vol. 68
Case report

Glial choristoma of the tongue. Clinicopathological analysis of a case and pathogenetic insights

Alessandro Corsi, Norman Veccia, Mara Riminucci

Pol J Pathol 2017; 68 (2): 162-167
Online publish date: 2017/09/01
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Glial choristoma of the tongue is a rare developmental anomaly usually occurring in the first two years of life. Although diverse theories have been suggested to explain its development, they do not seem to take into account the normal tongue development. We report here on a glial choristoma of the tongue in a two-month-old male with the aim to describe the clinicopathological features of this lesion and to discuss the pathogenetic role of the cells that normally migrate from the cranial neural crests to generate the ectomesenchymal derivatives of the tongue and express neuroglial differentiation as normal developmental pathway.

glial choristoma, tongue, cranial neural crest cells, ectomesenchyme, pathogenesis

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