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Medical Studies/Studia Medyczne
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vol. 29
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In search of new methods. Qigong in stuttering therapy

Paweł Półrola
Jolanta Góral-Półrola

Studia Medyczne 2013; 29 (3): 242–250
Data publikacji online: 2013/10/25
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Introduction: Even though stuttering is probably as old a phenomenon as the human speech itself, the stuttering therapy is still a challenge for the therapist and requires constant searching for new methods. Qigong may prove to be one of them.

Aim of the research: The research paper presents the results of an experimental investigation evaluating the usefulness of qigong practice in stuttering therapy.

Material and methods: Two groups of stuttering adults underwent 6-month therapy. In group I – the experimental one

(n = 11) – the therapy consisted of speech fluency training, psychotherapy and qigong practice. In group II – the control one (n = 12) – it included speech fluency training and psychotherapy. In both groups 2-hour sessions of speech fluency training and psychotherapy were conducted twice a week. Two-hour qigong sessions took place once a week.

Results: After 6 months the therapy results were compared with regard to the basic stuttering parameters, such as the degree of speech disfluency, the level of logophobia and speech disfluency symptoms. Improvement was observed in both groups, the beneficial effects, however, being more prominent in the qigong-practising group.

Conclusions: Qigong exercises used in the therapy of stuttering people along with speech fluency training and psychotherapy give beneficial effects.
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stuttering, therapy, qigong

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