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vol. 32

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Online publish date: 2007/12/10
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INDEX OF PAPERS Volume 32, Issues 1-4, 2007

D. Augustyniak, A. Jankowski: The usefulness of microculture assay system in differential diagnosis and therapeutic management in children. Part 1: the evaluation of reference ranges 155

B. Basiewicz-Worsztynowicz, W. Karnas-Kalemba,

A. Jankowski: The pulmonary complications during the course of CVID 15

E. Bernatowska: The 5th School of Clinical Immunology: Progress in Education in Clinical Immunology, December

13-15, 2007 258

E. Bernatowska, K. Chrzanowska: For users of the ESID Online Database 43

E. Bernatowska, B. Wolska-Kuśnierz, M. Pac, M. Kurenko--Deptuch, B. Pietrucha, Z. Zwolska, B. Piątosa, K. Roszkowski, B. Mikołuć, M. Klaudel-Dreszler: Risk of BCG infection in primary immunodeficiency children. Proposal of diagnostic, prophylactic and therapeutic guidelines for disseminated BCG based on experience in the Department of Immunology, Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw between

1980-2006 221

E. Bernatowska, K. Zeman, A. Lewandowicz-Uszyńska,

M. Kurenko-Deptuch, M. Pac, B. Wolska-Kuśnierz, B. Mikołuć: The Polish Working Group for Primary Immunodeficiency 34

A. Bownik, A.K. Siwicki: Staphylococcal leukocidin LukE/LukD modulates respiratory burst activity of phagocytes in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) 101

M. Gogacz, D. Darmochwal-Kolarz, L. Putowski, B. Kolarz, J. Cybulski, J. Kotarski: The estimation of IL-2 and IL-2 receptors in peritoneal fluid of infertile patients with endometriosis 160

E. Jabłonowska, H. Tchórzewski, M. Banasik, J. Kuydowicz: Importance of NK cells in predicting the effect of IFN- (Roferon A) and thymus factor X (TFX) therapy in patients with chronic hepatitis C 113

E. Jabłonowska, H. Tchórzewski, M. Banasik, J. Kuydowicz: The effect of Roferon A and TFX on the selected subpopulations of the peripheral blood lymphocytes in patients with chronic hepatitis C 119

B. Jakubczak, U. Demkow, K. Popko, O. Potapińska,

E. Górska, M. Wąsik: Intracellular calcium ions kinetics

and chemiluminescent activity in human neutrophils 72

L. Jung, B.J. Bałan, E. Skopińska-Różewska, J. Chorostowska--Wynimko, A.K. Siwicki, E. Sommer, A. Roży, P. Skopiński: Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in circulating

blood of patients treated with enoxaparine after orthopaedic surgery 61

W. Karnas-Kalemba, B. Basiewicz-Worsztynowicz,

B. Polańska, A. Lewandowicz-Uszyńska, A. Jankowski: Lung diseases in children with primary immunodeficiency 1

M. Klaudel-Dreszler, E. Bernatowska: Chronic neutropenia in children – diagnostics, therapeutic management and prophylaxis 226

A. Kuźmiński, Z. Bartuzi, M. Przybyszewski, M. Żbikowska--Gotz, A. Dziedziczko, M. Graczyk: Evaluation of the protease--antiprotease balance disorder in smoking and non-smoking patients treated for acute chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) at different clinical stages of the illness 212

A. Lewandowicz-Uszyńska: The memory of Professor Henryka K. Siwińska-Gołębiowska (1932-2006) 44

A. Lewandowicz-Uszyńska, J. Świerkot, E. Jargulińska,

A. Jankowski: Common variable immunodeficiency 21

B. Mikołuć, E. Bernatowska, R. Motkowski, B. Pietrucha, B. Wolska-Kuśmierz, M. Pac, M. Kurenko-Deptuch: Prevention of infection in patients with an absent or dysfunctional spleen 216

J. Mleczko, D. Augustyniak, A. Jankowski: Efficiency of oral immunization of mice with Candida albicans and Moraxella catarrhalis heat-killed cells and cross reactivity of induced antibodies 185

J. Mleczko, G. Majkowska-Skrobek, D. Augustyniak,

A. Jankowski: Natural xenoantibodies – their relation to molecular landscape of environment. Presence and possible functions of xenoantibodies in mice sera 181

E. Nita, L. Konopka, K. Bykowska, K. Maślanka,

S. Łopaciuk, Z. Traczyk, R. Woroniecka, B. Pieńkowska-

-Grela: Bernard-Soulier syndrome in three siblings with

a supernumerary small marker chromosome 129

A. Paradowska, J.K. Łącki: Genetic aspects of osteoporosis 172

M. Pawlikowska, W. Deptuła: Dynamics of lymphocytes T and B and of their subpopulations in peripheral blood of rabbits immunized with Chlamydophila psittaci 164

M. Pawlikowska, W. Deptuła: Immunological response and hematological picture in rabbits immunized with Chlamydia trachomatis 196

B. Piątosa: Flow cytometry as a reliable tool in diagnostics – review of basic principles, standard procedures and tests in diagnostics of primary immunodeficiencies 247

B. Piątosa: Reminiscences from XXVth Anniversary of the Department of Immunology, CMHI 41

B. Pietrucha, E. Heropolitańska-Pliszka, R.A. Gatti,

E. Bernatowska: Ataxia-Telangiectasia: guidelines for diagnosis and comprehensive care 234

A. Pituch-Noworolska, D. Kowalczyk, A. Macura-Biegun, A. Szaflarska: The clinical features of hyper-IgM syndrome. A 4 cases report 105

B. Polańska, A. Lewandowicz-Uszyńska, B. Basiewicz-

-Worsztynowicz, W. Karnas-Kalemba, M. Niemczuk,

U. Stasiewicz, A. Jankowski: Fibromyalgia syndrome – a case report and pathogenetic role of immune processes 5

B. Polańska, I. Makulska, D. Augustyniak, M. Niemczuk, D. Zwolińska, A. Jankowski: Serum levels of MMP-9 in children and young adults with chronic kidney disease treated conservatively and undergoing hemodialysis 66

A. Rymuszka, A.K. Siwicki, A. Sierosławska: Determination of the modulatory potential of atrazine on selected functions of immune cells isolated from rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) 97

I.Zh. Shubina, N.K. Akhmatova, M.V. Kiselevsky,

E.A. Kurbatova: Protective effect of dendritic cells in mice infected by Klebsiella pneumoniae 189

A. Sierosławska, C.J. Kowalski, A.K. Siwicki, E. Terech-

-Majewska, A. Rymuszka: The in vitro influence of norfloxacin nicotinate on the selected immune cell functions in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) 92

A.K. Siwicki, E. Skopińska-Różewska, M. Hartwich,

R. Wójcik, T. Bakuła, M. Furmanowa, B.J. Bałan, E. Sommer, S. Mielcarek, W. Buchwald, A. Krajewska-Patan, A. Mścisz, P.M. Mrozikiewicz, J. Bany: The influence of Rhodiola rosea extracts on non-specific and specific cellular immunity in pigs, rats and mice 84

E. Skopińska-Różewska, J. Chorostowska-Wynimko,

P. Skopiński, E. Sommer, B.J. Bałan, J. Bany: Important role of bFGF in the angiogenic activity of human serum evaluated by the mouse cutaneous test 45

E. Skopińska-Różewska, H. Skurzak, A. Wasiutyński,

L. Jung, A.K. Siwicki, B.J. Bałan, E. Sommer, M. Mazurkiewicz, M. Skorupski, A. Prątnicki, I. Sokolnicka, P. Skopiński: Sarcoma L-1 in mice as a model for the study of experimental angiogenesis 77

P. Skopiński, J. Szaflik, I. Partyka, J. Chorostowska-

-Wynimko, B. Duda-Król, A. Lipińska, E. Sommer, E. Skopińska--Różewska: Serum in vivo angiogenic activity and some

pro-angiogenic cytokine levels in diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM2) patients with or without background retinopathy 48

R. Słotwiński, W.L. Olszewski, M. Słodkowski, G. Lech,

M. Zaleska, Z. Wójcik, S.M. Słotwińska, G. Gulak, A. Krajewski, W.I. Krasnodębski: Anti-inflammatory response to early enteral immunonutrition in malnourished patients after pancreaticoduode­nectomy 138

R. Słotwiński, W.L. Olszewski, M. Słodkowski, G. Lech, M. Zaleska, Z. Wójcik, S.M. Słotwińska, G. Gulak, A. Krajewski, W.I. Krasnodębski: Immunomodulatory influence of early enteral immunonutrition on the dynamics of changes in the cellular immune response after pancreatic resection for cancer 147

J. Świerkot, A. Chlebicki, A. Lewandowicz-Uszyńska,

M. Szmyrka, A. Jankowski, J. Szechiński: Diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties in hypogammaglobulinemia in adults 11

J. Świerkot, A. Lewandowicz-Uszyńska: Autoimmune disorders in the course of primary immunodeficiency 27

M. Winiarska, J. Bil, U. Demkow, M. Wąsik: CD20 as a target for therapy 239

V. Wiwanitkit: 318 C/T polymorphism of cytotoxic

T lymphocyte antigen-4 in allegic asthma: functional analysis by gene ontology 134

V. Wiwanitkit: A preliminary report on predicted epitopes of malarial VAR2CSA by bioinformatics method: a clue for further vaccine development 169

E. Zaczyńska, A. Czarny, E.A. Jankowska, M. Sobczyński, P. Ponikowski: NF-B expression in mononuclear cells from patients with chronic heart failure observed in endotoxin tolerance 206

T.M. Zielonka, U. Demkow, M. Filewska, B. Białas,

P. Korczyński, J. Szopiński, A. Soszka, E. Skopińska-

-Różewska: Angiogenic activity of sera from interstitial lung diseases patients in relation to IL-6, IL-8, IL-12 and TNF serum level 53

K. Zorena, J. Myśliwska, M. Myśliwiec, A. Balcerska,

P. Lipowski, K. Raczyńska: Relationship between serum levels of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interleukin-6 in diabetes mellitus type 1 children 124
Copyright: © 2007 Polish Society of Experimental and Clinical Immunology This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/), allowing third parties to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format and to remix, transform, and build upon the material, provided the original work is properly cited and states its license.
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