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Anaesthesiology Intensive Therapy
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The role of videolaryngoscopy in airway management of COVID-19 patients

Manuel Ángel Gómez-Ríos, Rubén Casans-Francés, Alfredo Abad-Gurumeta, Antonio M. Esquinas

COVID-19: Airway management considerations

Jared Herman, Omar Viswanath, Ivan Urits
vol. 50

Original paper

Comparison of propofol-based versus volatile-based anaesthesia and postoperative sedation in cardiac surgical patients: a prospective, randomized, study

Marcin Wąsowicz, Angela Jerath, Warren Luksun, Vivek Sharma, Nicholas Mitsakakis, Massimiliano Meineri, Rita Katznelson, Terrence Yau, Vivek Rao, William Scott Beattie
Online publish date: 2019-10-11
Original paper

The assessment of platelet function using multiple electrode aggregometry in practical procedures in anaesthesia

Jan Pluta, Barbara Nicińska, Michał Ciurzyński, Janusz Trzebicki
Online publish date: 2019-10-11
Original paper

Risk factors for the development of Horner’s syndrome following interscalene brachial plexus block using ropivacaine for shoulder arthroscopy: a randomised trial

Michał J. Stasiowski, Marek Zuber, Radosław Marciniak, Michał Kolny, Ewa Chabierska, Przemysław Jałowiecki, Aleksandra Pluta, Anna Missir
Online publish date: 2019-10-11
Original paper

Extended compatibility of fentanyl and ketamine in dextrose 5%

Suci Hanifah, Ross A. Kennedy, Patrick A. Ball
Online publish date: 2019-10-11
Review paper

Procalcitonin in liver dysfunction — Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde?

Ewa Woźnica, Lidia Łysenko
Online publish date: 2019-10-11
Review paper

Multiple electrode aggregometry as a method for platelet function assessment according to the European guidelines

Jan Pluta, Barbara Nicińska, Janusz Trzebicki
Online publish date: 2019-10-11
Review paper

Modern imaging techniques in intra-abdominal hypertension and abdominal compartment syndrome: a bench to bedside overview

Gavin Sugrue, Manu L.N.G. Malbrain, Bruno Pereira, Robert Wise, Michael Sugrue
Online publish date: 2019-10-11
Letter to the Editor

‘Chasing the dragon’ in the intensive care unit

Bjoern Zante, Eva Margarete Hammel, Arno Lauber, Joerg C. Schefold
Online publish date: 2019-10-11
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