ONLINE, 25.11.2020 - 28.11.2020

The Global Professional Education Committee (GPEC) is a sub-committee of the International Alliance of Academies of Childhood Disability (IAACD) (e.g., IACP). GPEC duties include:

a. Helping to promote a common global standard of knowledge, training and multidisciplinary practice, with an aim to improve the life chances and participation of disabled children and young people in their communities;
b. Developing and maintaining a core curriculum for health professional training in childhood onset disability;
c. Encouraging measures to make the educational material easily accessible and locally available (e.g., website);
d. Promoting and facilitating development of educational faculty to disseminate training in childhood onset disability; and
e. Fostering local/regional networks and international partnerships to disseminate training, implement best practice and promote multidisciplinary working in childhood onset disability

Approach, wherever we go…

• We only go where and when we are invited!
• We suggest themes to be considered...
• We co-develop – and co-present – the program with our hosts…
• We ask our hosts to invite community leaders... because we want to promote development of KNOWLEDGE BROKERS!

We offer WORKSHOPS – with the emphasis on WORK and ENGAGEMENT from particpants...
Experiences to date, or planned…

• Republic of Georgia (in collaboration with the EACD 2018)…
with the opportunity, already, for follow-up by IAACD with Georgian colleagues (2019);
• France (in collaboration with Paris 2019 EACD);
• Indian Academy of Cerebral Palsy January 2020;
• East African Academy of Childhood Disability January 2020;
• Mexican Academy (Puebla) February 2020;
• Polish Academy and EACD June 2020.

We also have a Knowledge Hub of peer reviewed good quality resources. Check it out at www.iaacd.net

Dr Arnab Seal
Chair Elect European Academy of Childhood Disability
Chair Global Professional Education Program, IAACD
Consultant Paediatrician, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, UK
Hon Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics, University of Leeds, UK