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vol. 61

Non Omnis Moriar
In memoriam Professor Mariola Maria Sulkowska, MD, PhD (1959-2010)

Online publish date: 2011/01/03
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Non Omnis Moriar

In memoriam Professor Mariola Maria Sulkowska, MD, PhD (1959-2010)

my coworker, with whom I spent 22 years of my professional life;

– reminiscences of a Wife, a Mother and a Human Being.

How could the text be worded any different, given the undersigned?

Stanisław Sulkowski


„The mysterious point where the sky touches the earth is only an illusion; the real horizon is the human being”

R. Mleczko

The above motto originating from a letter written by Professor Mariola Sulkowska to the Editorial Board of the “Medyk Białostocki” five years ago is a perfect synthesis of her attitude to her professional work, coworkers, friends, acquaintances and family. As long as I can remember, another human being was always the most important for her, be it someone from her immediate circle or – as it often happened – a completely unknown individual. A man perceived as a spiritual being and a man as a physical being. Perhaps this is why, when choosing her specialty 25 years ago, she decided on pathomorphology. Most assuredly, she selected the specialty absolutely knowingly, what greatly astonished her parents. Professor Sulkowska was extremely sensitive to the needs and suffering of others, always ready and willing to help anybody in need of such help. Her long-term illness did not prevent her from offering help to various individuals nor hinder her activity in various social organizations she collaborated with.

Professor Mariola Sulkowska was born in Warsaw on January 30, 1959. In the years 1977-1983, she was a student of the Medical Faculty, Medical Academy in Warsaw. Having graduated, she became employed by the Bielański Hospital of Warsaw-Żoliborz. In 1985, she became senior assistant in Department of Pathomorphology of the Medical Center of Postgraduate Education in Warsaw. At that time, her supervisor and mentor was the recently deceased late Professor Maria Kobuszewska-Faryna, with whom Professor Sulkowska maintained close and friendly ties, similarly as with colleagues and collaborators she met while working in Warsaw.

The year 1987 was the turning point in her life; while attending a pre-specialty course, she met her future husband....

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