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vol. 65

Non Omnis Moriar
In memoriam Professor Przemysław Gabryel

Przemysław Majewski
Wiesława Salwa-Żurawska

Online publish date: 2014/07/28
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In memoriam Professor Przemysław Gabryel (01.12.1919 – 27.04.2014)

Professor Przemysław Gabryel, a man of great heart, broad horizons and deep understanding of human needs, was born in 1919 in Wilkowyja, in Jarocin district. After obtaining his baccalaureate certificate, in 1938, he began studying at the Faculty of Medicine at Poznań University. His fate enabled him to finish his studies only after the war, in 1949. During the occupation he had to undertake hard physical work. Throughout this period of time he also began working as a teacher and was gratuitously tutoring his younger colleagues.
In 1948, when he was still studying at the University, he began working at the department, which was then called the Department of Pathological Anatomy. From the very beginning of his work at the Department he was eagerly devoted to didactics. He had very high demands and expectations from his colleagues, as far as teaching is concerned. Professor Gabryel divided his attention between educating students and instructing the young personnel. The whole community of pathologists was truly fond of the courses devoted to the pathomorphology of the foetus and infant, which the Professor organised.
What is worth mentioning is the fact that the Professor always made it possible for his co-workers to develop the topic they were interested in, and what is more, he was always ready to help and give advice. Nineteen people gained the title of Doctor of medicine, whereas 6 obtained a postdoctoral degree under the guidance of the Professor. From this group as many as 5 people became professors.
Professor Przemysław Gabryel was the author of 161 scientific publications. The main themes of his scientific interests were neuropathology, pathology of the developmental age and pathomorphology of muscles in the course of infection caused by Trichinella spiralis. In each of these fields it is possible to enumerate a series of pioneer achievements, not only at the national level.
In the 1960’s, he was the first person in Poland to undertake morphological research devoted to experimental brain oedema. This work was then continued in the form of theses focusing on neuropathology within the developmental age. Among further works related to pathomorphology of the fetus and infant, it is worth emphasizing research related to myocardial necrosis.
The most numerous scientific achievements of the Professor were associated with infections caused by Trichinella spiralis. Publications from this particular domain were quoted 84 times in international journals. These works were undertaken within the scope of international research programmes, in cooperation with a team from the University of Poznań and a team from Stefański Parasitology Institute at the Polish Academy of Sciences.
What is more, among pioneer and original achievements, we can also enumerate the first ever published study on morphological lesions observed in the course of infection caused by Trichinella spiralis based on histological, histochemical, and especially ultrastructural examinations. We can also mention the microscopic evaluation of mechanisms underlying the activity of anti-trichinosis medications and the thesis devoted to so-called chronic trichinosis.
When describing the scientific successes achieved by Professor Gabryel, it is impossible to omit the following facts: whenever the Professor focused on a certain topic, he always considered its practical usefulness, he had unique competencies as far as establishing cooperation was concerned, and what is more, whenever he was the chair of any research team, he never placed his name on the list of authors, unless he substantially contributed to the publication. It was almost a rule that every issue he was devoted to was concluded with theses published by his co-workers.
Organisational passion and organisational skills revealed by the Professor were not only limited to scientific activity and teaching. They were also clearly visible in many other aspects, such as his long-lasting work for Section IV of Medical Sciences at Central Scientific Titles and Degrees Certifying Committee acting by the Prime Minister (CKK), in his activity as the national specialist in pathomorphology, in his activity as a member of the governance at Poznań University of Medical Sciences, not to mention scientific associations, as well as commissions and committees at the Polish Academy of Sciences. Each and every organisational work that the Professor undertook resulted in considerable achievements, as he always engaged new projects and implemented them with success, which led to deserved respect and appreciation.
Despite all his functions and ventures he was engaged in, he always found time for people asking him for help or for advice. All this contributes to the immense professional respect, not to mention moral and scientific authority of the Professor, not only within the walls of Poznań University, but also throughout the whole community of pathologists in Poland, and in communities of scientists not associated with pathology.
On behalf of students and colleagues who had the tremendous honour to work with the Professor, we would like to express our gratitude and thankfulness for everything he was able to achieve for the Department of Clinical Pathomorphology. We are truly proud that we were given the chance to study and work under the guidance of Professor Przemysław Gabryel.

Prof. Przemysław Majewski
Prof. Wiesława Salwa-Żurawska
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