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Family Medicine & Primary Care Review
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vol. 19
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Psychological profile of female students with a tendency to anorexia nervosa

Andrei Shpakou, Valeriy Kovalevskiy, Liudmila Klimatckaya, Olga Zaitseva, Anna Janocha

Family Medicine & Primary Care Review 2017; 19(4): 399–403
Online publish date: 2017/12/08
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Background. Various authors have analyzed factors determining the appearance of anorexia nervosa and did not reach a consensus. The article presents the results and our opinion that deep psychological problems of individual are the cornerstone of the development of anorexia nervosa.

Objectives. To study the psychological profile of female students with a tendency to anorexia nervosa.

Material and methods. 118 young females aged 16–22 with eating disorders, all citizens of Krasnoyarsk, were examined. According to body mass index (BMI), two groups were formed: group A (78 females with normal BMI), group B (40 females with low BMI < 18 kg/m2). The emotional state was determined by the Cattell’s 16 PF and EPQ questionnaires. Participants signed informed consent.

Results. Cattell’s questionnaire: general individual and typological qualities of all students were revealed. Descriptors of a low range prevailed in group B. Extroversion was significantly lower in group B than in group A (p < 0.001). Emotional lability was significantly higher in group B than in group A (p = 0.04). EPQ questionnaire: in a comparison between group А and group В, the introversive type among females with BMI < 18 kg/m2 was registered more often (p < 0.001); emotional instability was higher (p < 0.001); and psychoticism was rated as p = 0.01.

Conclusions. The concept about the existence of options of individual and typological qualities of a person with various BMI was confirmed.

A distinctive feature of females with a tendency to anorexia nervosa is an increased frequency of occurrence of the introversive type of personality in combination with a growth of the level of emotional instability and psychoticism and forms neurotic personality traits.

anorexia nervosa, female, students, psychological profile

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