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vol. 75
Original paper

Retrospective analysis of negative cytology results correlated with a positive high-risk in the human papillomavirus result and subsequent results of patients over a period of three years

Paweł Gerard Piotrowski
Michał Teodor Jeleń

  1. Lab Path Experts, Koziegłowy, Poland
  2. Departament of Immunopathology and Molecular Biology, Medical University, Wrocław, Poland
Pol J Pathol 2024; 75 (1): 36-39
Online publish date: 2024/02/29
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This research paper evaluates the efficacy of co-testing in precluding cervical cancer, with a particular focus on distinguishable outcomes of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vs. cytology tests.

A retrospective review of 5948 patients, who tested positive for high-risk HPV but showed negative cytologic findings, revealed that 15.006% tested positive in subsequent screenings.

A comparative analysis of various commercial HPV tests highlighted the precision of mRNA-based HPV testing by Aptima (Hologic) in reducing the likelihood of false-negative cytology.

The paper challenges the conviction that a negative cytology alone suffices advocating for a condensed testing interval in instances of positive HPV outcomes, thereby facilitating earlier intervention and optimal preventive care. These findings unveil an exigency for reconsidering preventive strategies based on test outcomes.

cervical cancer, co-testing, cytology tests, HPV, efficacy, retrospective review, high-risk HPV, mRNA-based HPV testing, false-negative cytology, preventive care

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