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vol. 3

Review paper
Over a decade treating hepatocellular carcinoma percutaneously with radiofrequency thermal ablation. Worldwide experience

Loukas Thanos
Sofia Mylona
Nikolaos Ptohis
Eva Sotiropoulou
Anastasia Pomoni
Maria Pomoni

Arch Med Sci 2007; 3, 4: 293-304
Online publish date: 2008/01/09
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Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a very common malignancy. Early diagnosis plays a significant role in the management of patients, affecting survival and prognosis. Surgical resection is the treatment of choice; yet only a small number of patients are surgical candidates at the time of diagnosis. Furthermore, recurrences are very common even after a successful resection. These reasons urged the need to introduce a minimally invasive technique that can be repeated, without the fear of increasing mortality, morbidity, hospitalization and treatment-related cost. In the present article we present our long-standing experience regarding radiofrequency thermal ablation (RFA) treatment of HCC. Indications, clinical results from other investigators and complications are discussed. Additionally there is a description of the technique and the equipment used.

radiofrequency ablation, hepatocellular carcinoma, treatment, complications, indications, clinical results

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