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Polish Journal of Pathology
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vol. 68
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Role of vascular endothelial growth factor in inducing production of angiopoetin-1 – in vivo study in Fisher rats

Piotr Barć
Tomasz Płonek
Dagmara Baczyńska
Artur Pupka
Wojciech Witkiewicz
Agnieszka Mastalerz-Migas
Artur Milnerowicz
Maciej Antkiewicz
Agnieszka Hałoń
Jan P. Skóra

Pol J Pathol 2017; 68 (4): 326-329
Online publish date: 2018/03/06
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The aim of the study was to investigate how an intramuscular injection of plasmids with genes coding various pro-angiogenic factors: angiopoetin-1 (ANGPT1), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF165) and hepatic growth factor (HGF), influences the production of ANGPT1.

40 Healthy Fisher rats received i.m. injections containing plasmids encoding pro-angiogenic genes in thigh muscles. They were divided into four equal groups. The first group received the plANGPT1 plasmid and the second group- the pIRES/ANGPT1/VEGF165 bicistronic plasmid. The pIRES/VEGF165/HGF bicistronic plasmid was administered to the third group and an empty plasmid (control group) to the fourth group. The animals were euthanized after 12 weeks. In each group, the number of vessels stained with the anti-ANGPT1 antibody was assessed under an optical microscope. The anti-ANGPT1 antibodies stained the vessels in all the groups. There were on average 14.1 ±2.3 vessels in the the plANGPT1 group, 32.5 ±10.5 in the pl/RESANGPT1/VEGF group and 30.8 ±13.3 in the plRES/HGV/VEGF group. There were on average 7.3 ±2.3 stained vessels (p < 0.0001) in the control group . The VEGF plays a role in the induction of the production of ANGPT1. The administration of plasmids only encoding ANGPT1 does not induce its production.

blood vessels, gene therapy, ischaemia, angiogenesis

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