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vol. 6

Spontaneous rupture of adrenal haemangioma mimicking abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture

Piotr Paluszkiewicz
Iwona Ambroziak
Katarzyna Hołynska-Dąbrowska
Zofia Siezieniewska-Skowrońska
Andrzej Paluszkiewicz

Arch Med Sci 2010; 6, 1: 122-125
Online publish date: 2010/03/09
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Serious bleeding from a ruptured adrenal mass limits preoperative diagnostics and can necessitate urgent laparotomy to control blood loss. A 45-year old man underwent an emergency laparotomy due to severe retroperitoneal haemorrhage causing hypovolaemia. Detailed retroperitoneal dissection after splenectomy and clamping of the abdominal aorta revealed bleeding from a ruptured haemangioma of the left adrenal gland. Following a left adrenalectomy, the patient returned to a stable haemodynamic state. Adrenal haemangiomas are rare, but may cause spontaneous life-threatening haemorrhage.

haemorrhage, shock, haemostasis, retroperitoneal, adrenal haeman-gioma

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