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Videosurgery and Other Miniinvasive Techniques
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vol. 13
Original paper

An investigation on endoscopic laryngopharyngeal surgery and related outcomes

Yohei Kawasaki, Yasufumi Omori, Hidekazu Saito, Shinsuke Suzuki, Tamotsu Matsuhashi, Takechiyo Yamada

Videosurgery Miniinv 2018; 13 (3): 394–400
Online publish date: 2018/07/05
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Robotic surgery is used in Europe and the US for oropharyngeal/hypopharyngeal cancers. Although robots can successfully perform procedures that are too delicate for surgeons and quickly learn accurate techniques, robotic surgery is not still authorized for the craniocervical region in Japan. In Japan, endoscopic laryngopharyngeal surgery (ELPS) is widely performed. Because oropharyngeal/hypopharyngeal cancer can be resected at an early stage, we have contributed to an improvement in the survival rate.

To analyze clinical outcomes and risk factors of postoperative cervical lymph node metastases after ELPS.

Material and methods
Fifty-two patients with 71 superficial oropharyngeal/hypopharyngeal cancers were included. A Sato-type arcuation laryngoscope was inserted, and oropharyngeal and hypopharyngeal fields were secured. We have recently been performing head and neck surgery using only a flexible endoscope because gastroscopy and arcuation-type forceps interfere with each other.

The 5-year survival rate was 95.2%. The risk factors of lymph node metastases were examined. The depth of the tumor significantly affected lymph node metastases.

With a favorable 5-year survival rate and low functional impairment, ELPS is an extremely effective form of treatment. It can provide a clear field of view in the hypopharynx and has a low cost; hence, it should be further developed as a treatment method.


endoscopic surgery, narrowband imaging, oropharyngeal cancer, hypopharyngeal cancer

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