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Nutrition, Obesity & Metabolic Surgery
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vol. 3
Short communication

Attempt to counteract stigmatization of obese persons. Effect of psychoeducation on the level of bias against obese persons

Małgorzata Obara-Gołębiowska

Nutrition, Obesity & Metabolic Surgery 2016; 2, 1: 21–23
Online publish date: 2016/10/17
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Introduction: Weight-based discrimination involves negative labels and stereotypes that can lead to prejudice, unfair treatment and discrimination in various areas of life. The aim of the study was to assess the influence of an educational program related to obesity stigma reduction on the level of anti-fat prejudices among young people.

Material and methods: All participants of the study (152 female students) were divided into 6 groups of approximately 25 persons. Four two-hour psychoeducational classes were conducted in the groups. The subjects discussed in the classes were assumed to promote more tolerant attitudes towards persons with body mass index (BMI) > 25. The applied research tool was the Anti-fat Attitudes Scale. The first measurement was performed before the workshop-lecture classes, and the second after completion of the classes.

Results: The conducted statistical analysis by means of Student’s t-test for dependent samples showed a significantly lower result for the level of bias towards obese persons in the second measurement in comparison to the first one: M1 = 2.19, SD = 0.96, M2 = 2.03, SD = 0.87, t(151) = 4.17, p < 0.05.

Conclusions: An educational intervention focused on the development of more tolerant, empathetic, and understanding attitudes towards obesity is an efficient way of reducing bias against persons with excessive weight.

obesity, stigmatization, discrimination, psychoeducation, anti-fat biases

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