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Prenatal Cardiology
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Fetal echocardiography in uncommon parental cardiac anomalies: right atrium diverticulum, interventricular septal aneurysm, left and right ventricle diverticulum - report from referral center for fetal cardiology in Poland

Joanna Płużańska
Maria Respondek-Liberska
1, 2

  1. Department of Prenatal Cardiology, Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute, Lodz, Poland
  2. Medical University of Lodz, Department of Diagnoses and Prevention Fetal Malformations, Lodz, Poland
Prenat Cardio 2018 Jan; 8(1):24-34
Online publish date: 2019/07/16
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The prenatal detection of congenital anomalies of heart walls is very rare. We present a unique series of 8 cases with prenatal echocardiographic monitoring, treatment and postnatal follow-up, providing new insight into this “mysterious” heart problem.

diverticulum, interventricular septal aneurysm, left ventricle diverticulum, abnormal fetal heart wall

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