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Prenatal Cardiology
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Follow-up on 107 fetuses with normal US + Echo after 37th week of gestation

Iwona Strzelecka
Eliza Michalska
Katarzyna Zych-Krekora
3, 4
Maria Respondek-Liberska
1, 3

  1. Department of Diagnosis and Prophylaxis of Congenital Malformations of Medical University of Lodz
  2. Student of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Medical University of Lodz
  3. Department of Prenatal Cardiology of Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute in Lodz
  4. Department of Pediatrics, Immunology, and Nephrology of Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute in Lodz
Prenat Cardio 2017 Jan; 7(1):26-30
Online publish date: 2019/07/16
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Echocardiography of the fetal heart is an ultrasound examination that allows the evaluation of the anatomical structure and cardiovascular system usually performed in first half of pregnancy.

Material and methods
This work presents the data of 107 fetuses with normal heart anatomy (NHA) and normal heart study (NHS) and their neonatal follow-up. In this group (in an addition to routine prenatal work-up) has been performed also a echocardiography examination in the third trimester of pregnancy, after 37th week of gestation: 61% of pregnant women were referred to the prenatal cardiology center due to the presence of high-risk pregnancies and 39% were low-risk pregnancies.

In two cases episodes of fetal arrhythmias were present during obstetrical examinations. After birth in the study group of 107 fetuses, 72% of newborns left the hospital during the 4 days and 28% newborns stayed in the hospital for longer time. In 16 cases their stay was extended due to maternal reasons and in 14 for newborns reasons.

1) In the neonate group, after prenatal cardiac evaluation > the 37th week of gestation such as “ normal fetal heart anatomy & normal heart study”, all newborns in our center were born in good general condition. 2) Late prenatal echocardiography in 3rd trimester of pregnancy maybe considered as additional tool to prove fetal well being, specially in high risk pregnancies.


normal fetal heart, 3rd trimester echocardiography

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