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vol. 15
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Graft vasculopathy in a Wistar rat model of heterotopic heart transplantation depending on gender matching between donors and recipients

Joanna E. Śliwka, Roman Przybylski, Anna Dołaszyńska-Żółkiewska, Adam Sokal, Mirosław Tyrpień, Piotr M. Wilczek, Marian Zembala

Kardiochirurgia i Torakochirurgia Polska 2018; 15 (3): 157-161
Online publish date: 2018/09/24
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Heart transplant is an accepted treatment modality in end-stage heart failure. The graft coronary artery vasculopathy is a main concern to explain the heterogeneity of the rejection process according to the gender of the donor and recipient.

To assess the severity and type of mechanisms leading to failure of the graft.

Material and methods
Experimental allogenic heart transplantation in the abdomen was performed on Wistar rats depending on the gender of the donor and recipient (F – female; M – male) in four groups (FF, FM, MM MF). The donor heart was implanted in the abdominal cavity of the recipient. Complete time of observation was 10 weeks. Bromodeoxyuridine was administered intraperitoneally to detect proliferating cells.

There was 42.5% graft survival in all experiments. The mean time of graft survival was 60 ±18, 54 ±29, 58 ±23 and 64 ±18 days (FF, FM, MM and MF) and no significant difference was found in graft survival time among the four experimental groups (p = 0.73). None of the heart weight changes reached statistical significance.

The use of an animal experimental model helps to understand the mechanisms leading to graft failure and to compare the changes that occur in rats to human hearts. The gender matching affects the survival of the transplanted heart and severity of the graft vasculopathy.


heart transplantation, gender match, animal model

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