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vol. 24
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Hybrid strategy in the treatment of difficult to heal venous leg ulcers

Popow Andrzej, Rybak Zbigniew

Phlebological Review 2016; 24, 4: 66-70
Online publish date: 2017/05/23
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Lower-limb ulcerations represent a serious social and economic problem in Poland, affecting not only elderly people but also working-age individuals. The purpose of this paper was to assess the efficacy of a composite treatment for venous ulcerations.

A group of 136 patients, aged 36-88 years, were treated in the phlebological centre Duomed in Hajnówka and were followed-up six months after the treatment. These patients were previously managed for their ulcers elsewhere, with no clinical success, neither regarding wound healing nor improvement of pain and quality of life.

Composite treatment administered to these patients included sclerotherapy, compression therapy, and topical treatment of ulcerations. Such a management was associated with significant improvement of venous competency, and in more than 50% of patients recalcitrant ulcers healed within six months of the treatment. We also found improvement of subjective experience of pain measured with visual analogue scale and improvement of quality of life. Our protocol of the treatment of recalcitrant venous ulcers appears to be safe and effective, but more studies are needed, with the use of larger patient cohorts, to prove the actual benefit of such a treatment strategy.

hybrid treatment, venous ulcers, sclerotherapy

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