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Phlebological Review
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Phlebological Review/Przegląd Flebologiczny is an international journal that features peer-reviewed articles on research related to venous and lymphatic diseases. The journal also publishes papers on related topics such as molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, biophysics and medical technology and imaging dealing with disorders of the veins and lymphatic vessels.

Founded in 1993 by Dr Tomasz Drążkiewicz.
Official journal of the Polish Society of Phlebology.

Number of issues: 4 issues per year
The journal is originally published in the print version.

Copyright: © 2017 Polish Phlebological Society This is an Open Access journal, all articles are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) License (, allowing third parties to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format and to remix, transform, and build upon the material, provided the original work is properly cited and states its license.
Marian Simka (Poland)

Honorary Editor-in-Chief
Tomasz Drążkiewicz (Poland)

Associate Editor
Zbigniew Rybak (Poland)

Editorial Office
Phlebological Review
Editorial Office
ul. Kleeberga 2, 61-615 Poznań,
phone/fax: +48 61 822 77 81

Section Editors

Biophysics in phlebology
Fausto Passariello (Italy)

Leg ulcers & chronic wounds
Zbigniew Rybak (Poland)

Thromboembolic disorders
Evi Kalodiki (UK)

Vascular malformations
Byung-Boong Lee (USA)

Alessandro Frullini (Italy)

Compression therapy
Giovanni Mosti (Italy)

Endovascular treatment
Marzia Lugli (Italy)

Lymphatic disorders
Waldemar Olszewski (Poland)

Paolo Zamboni (Italy)

Venous & lymphatic disorders in tropical countries
Malay Patel (India)

Dermatological disorders & Cosmetic treatment in phlebology
Eberhard Rabe (Germany)

Laser & RF treatment
Uldis Maurins (Latvia)

MR imaging
E. Mark Haacke (USA)

Venous disorders of the central nervous system
Stefano Bastianello (Italy)

Surgical treatment of varicose veins
Arkadiusz Jawień (Poland)

Deputy Editors
Zbigniew Krasiński (Poland)
Tomasz Urbanek (Poland)
Tomasz Zubilewicz (Poland)

List of Reviewers
List of Reviewers Phlebological Review.pdf
Editorial Board
R.Adamiec (Poland),
A.Cavezzi (Italy),
L.Cierpka (Poland),
A.Dorobisz (Poland),
M.Drążkiewicz (Poland),
Ł.Dzieciuchowicz (Poland),
B.Eklöf (USA),
M.Gabriel (Poland),
S.Głowiński (Poland),
P.Gutowski (Poland),
T.Jargiełło (Poland),
J.Kłoczko (Poland),
W.Kostewicz (Poland),
M.Kucharzewski (Poland),
W.Kuczmik (Poland),
Z.Mackiewicz (Poland),
G.Madycki (Poland),
W.Majewski (Poland),
M.Maruszyński (Poland),
S.Molski (Poland),
M.Motyka (Poland),
G.Oszkinis (Poland),
R.Niżankowski (Poland),
M.Pardela (Poland),
F.Pukacki (Poland),
J.Sadowski (Poland),
S.Sajdak (Poland),
A.Sieroń (Poland),
M.Skórski (Poland),
R.Staniszewski (Poland),
W.Staszkiewicz (Poland),
P.Szopiński (Poland),
M.Szostek (Poland),
P.Szyber (Poland),
W.Tomkowskj (Poland),
A.Undas (Poland),
Z.Várady (Germany),
J.Windyga (Poland),
W.Witkiewicz (Poland),
M.Zaniewski (Poland),
K.Ziaja (Poland)

Termedia Publishing House
Kleeberga 2
61-615 Poznan
phone/fax +48 61 822 77 81

Warsaw Office
phone/fax: + 48 22 827 75 14

President of the Management Board
of the Termedia Publishing House

Janusz Michalak

Scientific Director
of the Termedia Publishing House

Maciej Banach

Production Editor
Marzena Demska
eISSN: 1509-5738
ISSN: 1232-7174
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