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Immunotargeting of cancer stem cells

Eliza P. Kwiatkowska-Borowczyk, Agnieszka Gąbka-Buszek, Jakub Jankowski, Andrzej Mackiewicz

Contemp Oncol (Pozn) 2015; 19 (1A): A52–A59
Cancer stem cells (CSCs) represent a distinctive population of tumour cells that control tumour initiation, progression, and maintenance. Their influence is great enough to risk the statement that successful therapeutic strategy must target CSCs in order to eradicate the disease. Because cancer stem cells are highly resistant to chemo- and radiotherapy, new tools to fight against cancer have to be developed. Expression of antigens such as ALDH, CD44, EpCAM, or CD133, which distinguish CSCs from normal cells, together with CSC immunogenicity and relatively low toxicity of immunotherapies, makes immune targeting of CSCs a promising approach for cancer treatment. This review will present immunotherapeutic approaches using dendritic cells, T cells, pluripotent stem cells, and monoclonal antibodies to target and eliminate CSCs.

cancer stem cells, tumour immunotherapy, cancer, dendritic cells, adoptive cell transfer, monoclonal antibodies

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