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Contemporary Oncology/Współczesna Onkologia
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vol. 6


The role of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) in angiogenesis

Jacek Bigda, Marcin Okrój
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 2, 57-59
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

Unsaturated fatty acids and cancer

Ewa Skopińska-Różewska, Ewa Sommer, Sylwester Sommer
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 2, 60-63
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

Tumour markers in renal cell carcinoma

Agnieszka Michael, Angus Dalgleish
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 2, 64-68
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

The sentinel lymph node dissection technique in breast cancer by using subdermal, periareolar injection of isotop Tc99mand blue dye

Andrzej Kopacz, Maciej Świerblewski, Piotr Lass, Tomasz Bandurski, Tomasz Jastrzębski
Online publish date: 2003-07-07

A role of diagnostic imaging in early breast cancer diagnosis

Agnieszka Bianek-Bodzak, Michał Studniarek
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 2, 76-80
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

Breast conserving therapy in breast cancer

Anna Niwińska, Monika Nagadowska
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 2, 82-88
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

The place of hormonal therapy in breast cancer treatment with taking into consideration the role of letrozole (Femara®)

Janusz Rolski, Marek Pawlicki
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 2, 91-97
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

Erythropoietin in gynecological oncology

Marek Spaczyński, Marcin Przybylski, Krzysztof Sodowski, Anna Dańska
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 2, 98-104
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

Radiotherapy in treatment of isolated lymphoma of bones - a cases report

Agnieszka O’Shea, Janusz Skowronek
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 2, 105-107
Online publish date: 2003-04-11

Prostate carcinoma

Piotr Cieśliński, Roland Dadej, Zbigniew Kwias
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 2, 108-116
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

Relationship between stressful life events with the development of breast cancer

Aleksandra Bartków, Bogumiła Ananicz, Krzysztof Sieja, Stanisław Stanosz
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 2, 121-124
Online publish date: 2003-07-22
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