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Przegląd Kardiodiabetologiczny/Cardio-Diabetological Review
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vol. 7

Original paper
Complications of invasive procedures in patients with diabetes

Maciej Południewski
Paweł Kralisz
Ewa Sitniewska
Łukasz Kuźma
Karol Kochański
Hanna Bachórzewska-Gajewska
Sławomir Dobrzycki

Przegląd Kardiodiabetologiczny 2012; 7 (2): 94–98
Online publish date: 2012/12/09
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Introduction: Invasive diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease is now widely available. Constantly growing number of procedures promotes the increasing number of adverse events, therefore the records of complications have been introduced to improve the quality of procedures performing in catheterization laboratories (cathlab).

Aim: Analyze the complications of invasive procedures that occurred at our Department in patients between January 2011 to May 2012.

Material and methods: Among 3935 invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures performed at the period, 860 patients had diabetes (21.85%).

Results: We reported 62 complications, 28 in diabetic patients (study group). Complication rate in the general population was 1.57%, while in the study group – 3.26%. Among patients with diabetes the most common adverse event was local hematoma in the area of vascular access – 32.13%, followed by myocardial infarction associated with percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) type IVa – 28.5%, and contrast-induced nephropathy – 10.7%. Other complications which amounted to 21.42% included a stroke, coronary vessel perforation with cardiac tamponade, allergy to the contrast agent (7.14% for each of the complication).

Conclusions: The risk of adverse consequences of invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in patients with diabetes is more than twice compared to general population. Special attention should be paid to such patients in order to minimize the risk of adverse events.

complication, interventional procedures, diabetes

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