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Journal of Stomatology
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vol. 72
Review paper

Orthodontic adhesive systems –over half a century of research and experience

Dorota Kuśmierczyk
Konrad Małkiewicz

J Stoma 2019; 72, 4: 179-183
Online publish date: 2019/12/22
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Nowadays, during orthodontic treatment, brackets of fixed appliances are attached directly to tooth enamel. Research on development and improvement of orthodontic adhesives has been going on for over 50 years and is progressing in many directions. As a result, new solutions are introduced into clinical practice to improve functionality of adhesive systems being applied. Demands set for an adhesive system dedicated to orthodontic use, are primarily: ability to transfer orthodontic forces onto teeth in three spatial dimensions, resistance to masticatory forces, resistance to oral environment, ability to accurately position brackets and maintain them throughout treatment, possibility of detaching brackets without causing damage to tooth enamel and biocompatibility. Products available on the market do not constitute a homogeneous group in terms of both chemical structure and functional features. This paper presents the history of development of orthodontic adhesive systems and their features in relation to clinical use. Attention was also paid to directions of evolution of the aforementioned group of materials aimed at improving their performance in certain aspects of medical practice. Despite the ongoing research and development work, no orthodontic adhesive system that meets all the requirements set for “ideal material” has been developed to date. Orthodontic adhesives introduced into the market require assessment of their actual clinical usability and safety in treatment of patients.

polymers, composite resins, orthodontic adhesives, fixed appliances

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