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vol. 5

Review article
Autobiographical memory – new data

Tomasz Maruszewski

Neuropsychiatria i Neuropsychologia 2010; 5, 3-4: 122–129
Online publish date: 2011/03/01
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The concept of autobiographical memory stems from Tulving’s works. Tulving distinguished episodic and semantic memory. New data point to the fact, that people are able to compensate episodic memory deficits with semantic data in a flexible way. The paper focuses on executive functions of autobiographical memory. Process of construction of autobiographical memories may be considered as manifestation of these functions. These memories are not exclusively readings formerly registered data, but they are also dynamic representations playing an important role in current behavior regulation. Their form and content is influenced not only by memory traces, but also by situational demands and social pressures. Working Self is a main structure responsible for construction of autobiographical memories. Relations between autobiographical and collective memory are analyzed. The idea of working We is suggested. This structure may, at least to some degree fulfill functions analogous to functions of working self . Similarity of mechanisms of collective and autobiographical memory is manifested by changes of emotional valence of memories of events that took place both in life of an individual and in life of a society. Mechanism of prospective memory were also presented. It is expected that this kind of memory become in a close time an object of numerous analyses. Prospective memory is a field in which interaction of motivational, cognitive and social mechanisms may be observed. The important part of this memory is a part of autobiographical memory, because it refers to realization of personal goals.

autobiographical memory, executive functions, working Self

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