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Przegląd Kardiodiabetologiczny/Cardio-Diabetological Review
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vol. 7

Review paper
Acute coronary syndrome, acute aortic syndrome and pulmonary embolism as the most frequent cardiac causes of chest pains – diagnostic problems

Agnieszka Lidia Szymańska
Beata Małkowska
Jerzy Robert Ładny

Przegląd Kardiodiabetologiczny 2012; 7 (2): 61–69
Online publish date: 2012/12/09
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Chest pain is the most frequent cause of presentation at the Emergency Department. It may as well be a symptom of cardiovascular diseases as of a variety of non-cardiac diseases. It is of critical importance to be able to perform an accurate and swift diagnosis in order to select patients with life-threatening conditions and apply proper treatment as soon as possible. The article presents the principles of differential diagnosis of chest pains caused by the following life-threatening cardiac conditions: acute coronary syndrome, acute aortic syndrome and pulmonary embolism. The author reviews essential patient interview data, especially the nature of chest pains, as well as the accompanying subjective and objective symptoms, abnormalities of ECG and laboratory test results, and the use of medical imagining, which allow for a swift and accurate diagnosis.

chest pain, acute coronary syndrome, acute aortic syndrome, pulmonary embolism

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